Would you like some thoughtful input on your health journey?

Unlimited email conversations about the topics that matter to you.

What Is Email Support?

Unlimited Exchanges.

Email me as many times as you like.

Write as much — or as little — as you like.

I’ll read everything — and write you back.

Quick Responses.

I’ll get back to you within a business day — usually faster. I often check emails on weekends, too.

Thoughtful Replies.

I don’t follow a script or dogma. Health is more complicated than that.

Instead, I value your entire history and what matters to you. I consider where you are, and I’ll tell you what I think might do.

You do not have to follow my recommendations! There’s no room for ego, here. This is your journey, and you’re in the pilot seat.

A More Laid-Back Approach To Full Health Coaching

Full coaching involves live video or phone consultations, and we create an equal partnership with the goal of improving your health.

By contrast, Email Support is a more laid-back partnership — without frequent live consultations, and without diving quite as deep.

There is very little structure to Email Support: You simply email me when you have some thoughts or questions.

If you need more guidance than this, I recommend Coaching.

We Use Traditional Email

You’ll email me directly at info@travisburch.com

But, You Can Upgrade To Facebook Messaging.

Simply select this option when adding to cart. Already an Email Support client? Simply select “Upgrade” in your Profile page’s “Subscriptions” tab.