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I recovered my health after a decade of illness, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, and have helped hundreds of people find their path.

This Site: A Comprehensive Resource

You deserve to have an asset in your health journey — a shoulder to lean on, and a guiding light as you make sustainable progress.

The modern world of health advice is confusing, contradictory — and even risky.

Enjoy access to the rich resources on this site — everything is arranged & organized for quick learning.

This material has taken over a decade to compile and it’s the result of a full decade in the trenches — testing ideas and concepts, while holding fast to what is true. Each and every day, I’m updating the info, improving the design, and adding new insights.

This is the path I followed to recover my health — and the story I’ve watched unfold as I’ve counseled hundreds of folks to better health.

There’s so much individuality to what works — and yet so much is universal for all of us, too.

The difference between stagnation and progress is knowing what’s universal for all — and what’s unique to you.

The balanced, wise information on this site can be a rock to lean on over the coming days and months. The discussions can be a resource from others walking the path. Your ability to ask me direct questions can provide some security on your journey.

Let’s press forward, sustainably, amidst the confusing, contradictory labyrinth that is modern health advice.

Let’s find what you need to know.

What people are saying…

What people are saying…

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