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I recovered my health after a decade of illness, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, and have helped hundreds of people find their path.

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You deserve to have an asset in your health journey — a shoulder to lean on, and a guiding light as you make sustainable progress.

The modern world of health advice is confusing, contradictory — and even risky.

There is so much information on this site, and it’s organized for quick learning.

It’s taken me over a decade to compile — and I’m constantly updating, improving the design, and adding new insights.

This is the path I took to recover my health — and the story I’ve watched unfold as I’ve counseled hundreds of folks to better health.

There’s so much individuality to what works — and yet so much is universal for each of us, too.

I hope the information here can be a rock to lean on over the days and months ahead — pressing onward amidst the confusing, contradictory labyrinth that is modern health advice.

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