This Content Will Be Used Differently By Everyone

There’s a lot here. A lot to learn, a lot to try, and much to sift through.

While I’ve tried to only include the best ideas — ideas that only help and don’t harm — you’ll need to try them and figure out what to make yours.

Some ideas won’t fit so well now, but they might later. Other ideas are amazing now, and then you’ll leave it.

Do I Need To Do All Of The Protocols?

Not all at once, no. Each step of every protocol can, on its own, offer benefits. I have found each piece of information to be valuable, helpful, and healing as I recovered — and worth including in this collection. I have high standards for what I talk about.

Over time, you will have an arsenal of fantastic habits and practices — organized in one place: The Protocols. And that’s the key: “Over time.” Improving your health is a long-term habit, a lifestyle. Quick fixes are usually too good to be true. It begins today, continues tomorrow, and never ends.

Start With One Protocol At A Time

Focus on a single area before branching out.

Keenly observe your results, see what’s working and what’s not — all without the distraction of other variables.

Ultimately, getting to know a single protocol will help you create your own version of it (and others). This way we don’t find ourselves following blindly, only to reject the protocol entirely if a single element doesn’t quite work.

Combine Multiple Protocols

It’s best if you combine protocols only after you are familiar and comfortable with how a protocol works, and know how each step affects you.

Take Regular Breaks From The Nutritional Protocols

Supplement Holidays allow your body to give you better feedback about what you need and observe the effects of each step of the protocol, while also mitigating risk of “overdoing” any nutrients.

Customize The Protocol

It’s all about finding what works for you.  The protocols are guidelines and “context” to empower your decisions.  They do contain built-in flexibility — and they are what works for me — but they are not prescriptions.

If something doesn’t work -or- adds stress, don’t do it.  Always start slow.

Where Do I Start?

Not sure where to begin? I personally feel that the Light Protocol (& Sleep Protocol) is a GREAT place to begin.

Need Help?

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