What affects our immunity?

Improving your immunity isn’t just taking something when you’re sick.
It’s about prevention (via daily habits) and consistently fending off invading pathogens from attack.

Lifestyle changes are necessary to reach true, sustainable improvement.


Frequent Illness, Chronic Fatigue, Frequent Minor Ailments

IMMUNITY: Rating Influence









Influence on immunity: 10

Immunity can be improved by fixing nutrient imbalances.

Perhaps the biggest nutrient imbalances (even in experience health seekers) are in Phase 1 and Phase 3 of my Nutrient Balancing Protocol.

If you’ve got even a single mineral out of whack, it could be impacting your ability to fight off infections — as well as how you feel.

Give yourself time — months even — to slowly and steadily improve your nutritional status, taking small, sure steps in the right direction.

Influence on immunity: 10

Immunity starts with the gut.

There can be other leading causes, too (tooth, mouth, and nasal health, for instance).  But gut health is the main hub of immunity. 

With over 70% of the body’s immune system residing in the gut, and a whole host of potential pathogens entering the via the mouth every day (along with the possibility of pathogens taking up residence in the gut) it’s no wonder that when things go wrong, it’s the gut that’s affected first. 

Even stress causes the gut to suffer — and when the gut suffers, inflammation isn’t far behind. 

And when inflammation is occurring — you know immunity is suffering.

Influence on immunity: 10

Poor sleep = worse immunity.

Your entire body runs like a high-functioning business — and everything needs to run on time.  When you throw off your sleep schedule, you throw off your body’s ability to tell time — and one of the first things to fail is gut health — and with it, your immunity.

Influence on immunity: 8

Fight inflammation, pathogens, and poor blood flow… with light.

Light can also upgrade digestive health and directly improve immunity. 

The wrong wavelengths of light can raise cortisol and make inflammation worse. 

All in all, if you need to improve your immunity — a fantastic place to start is to grow your knowledge about light and how it affects your biology.  

Influence on immunity: 8

You eat what you know.

There are a lot of folks harping on which foods to eat. The truth is that what is good for you is what helps YOU. 

Get to know your diet.  Pay attention to how each food makes you feel. 

Find a “Macro Ratio” that works for you.  (I suggest 2:1:1 Carbs:Protein:Fat to most of my clients). 

There is no perfect diet.  There is only a diet that you will digest best now, in this moment.

Influence on immunity: 7

Mold can wreak havoc on the gut. 

From the constant inflammation and cortisol to the immune system being ever on alert, if you’re having major issues with illness, it’s worth considering whether you might be (or have been) exposed to mold in your home or place of work.

Fungal issues can be at the heart of many pernicious ailments — and with mold being a fungus — getting a handle on whether your immediate environment is exposing you to mold may be of immeasurable value.

Influence on immunity: 4

Your immediate environment may include mold, but it may also include a high exposure to chemicals (flame retardants and other chemicals from newer products), radon, heavy metals (mercury from broken fluorescent lights), or EMFs — and these can all affect your ability to fight off your constant exposure to pathogens from people and buildings.

Keeping your home clean, becoming progressively more aware of the potential issues with your home or workplace, and taking methodical steps to improve your environment(s) may be necessary steps to take control over your immunity.

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