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The Pillars of Health
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What are the Pillars of Health?

The Pillars are how I recovered my health — after nearly a decade of failed attempts, distractions, and wisdom learned.

I tried the normal way:  the endless gurus, the extreme recommendations (that harmed me more often than helped). I tried every trick, every unbalanced “hack,” endless blood tests, all the supplements, and every diet.

With small improvements also came new challenges, new imbalances, and a diminishing faith that my body could be truly healthy again.

The Pillars of Health set a new standard for health guidance.

With the Pillars of Health — and a supportive community — power through the confusing, contradictory labyrinth that is modern health advice. Step into a new, empowered way of approaching your health, and your life.

Travis Burch, NBC-HWC, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach,
tr. Duke Integrative Medicine

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