The Pillars of Health


Nine pillars. A better path to health.



Health challenges persist without a system of understanding how all solutions fit together.


Now, Coaching clients will see their monthly rate *automatically* reduce: after 6 months of coaching, and then again at the 12 month mark.
The first reduction (at 6mo) will be a $125 savings.
The second reduction (at 12mo) is an additional $110 savings.
The idea, here, is that:
  1. Our coaching relationship naturally gets smoother as time goes on. We know each other, how to communicate, and your unique story becomes ingrained into our working relationship. Problems are solved quicker, consultations are increasingly efficient.
  2. You make progress over time. Therefore, while challenges naturally arise, you’re consistently at a better place after working together, and problems become smaller.
The end result? Your price after 6 months is 30% less than it was when we started, and, after 12 months, is 60% less.
If you know me, I’m always refining, improving, and growing! That includes how I work with you.

“With the Pillars of Health and a supportive community, you can power through the confusing, contradictory labyrinth that is modern health advice — and step into a new, empowered way of living.”
Travis Burch, NBC-HWC, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach,
tr. Duke Integrative Medicine
General Contractor, licensed, insured
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