The Pillars of Health


What are the Pillars of Health?  The essential concepts that shape our health.

It all matters — from the light in your environment, to your gut microbiome, your nutrient intake, to the health of your building.

The Pillars of Health are affecting your health, right now.  Learn how they can become your health foundation.

Find what matters — for your recovery from chronic illness & longevity.

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For all things health wisdom

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What are the Pillars of Health?

The Pillars are how I recovered my health, after nearly a decade of failed attempts, distractions, and wisdom learned.
I tried the normal way:  the endless gurus, the extreme recommendations (that actually harmed me as much as helped). I tried every trick, every “hack,” all the supplements, and every diet.
With small improvements also came new challenges, new imbalances, and a diminishing faith that my body could be truly healthy again.
What Are The Pillars of Health?
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The Pillars of Health set a new standard for health guidance.


With the Pillars of Health and a supportive community, you can power through the confusing, contradictory labyrinth that is modern health advice — and step into a new, empowered way of living.
Travis Burch, NBC-HWC, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach,
tr. Duke Integrative Medicine


Jaemin: “Travis has given me my life back.”

Diane: “I can personally attest that Travis Burch is the real deal.”

Josh: “The material on this website is extremely clear cut.”

Max: “It’s so clear how much thought you’ve put into the site.”

Find what you need to know.


Let’s find balance — together.

The Pillars of Health

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