Each Pillar of Health matters.

When it comes to your health…

A complete foundation is essential.

The online world of health is complicated — and extreme.
Learn directly from a 15-year veteran of the online health world.

The Pillars of Health are how my health returned.

Each Pillar of Health is critical to optimal health and recovery.

Nutritional balance

…doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your circadian rhythm

…controls your immunity, metabolism, gut health, and mood.

Environmental light

…impacts your circadian rhythm, energy levels, hormones, and collagen production.

Your gut microbiome

…is impacted by your buildings, your sleep, your food, and your supplements.

The Gut IMPACTS every aspect of your health.

Your thyroid

…affects how energized you feel — but so many variables control its function, beyond diet and nutrition.

Your diet

…doesn’t have to be a struggle. Only restrict foods if you notice they make you feel worse.

Allow better gut health to restore your relationship with food.

For too long, you’ve been searching for ways to feel better. Maybe from digestive issues, constipation, or food intolerances.

Mabye it’s fatigue, or insomnia, or brain fog.

Or thyroid challenges: cold body temperature, weak appetite, and tired.

Maybe you’re dealing with sick building syndrome — which disguises itself as hypothyroidism, digestive issues, mood instability, and sleep problems.

Whatever you’re dealing with, the Pillars of Health are here — to support you, to lift you up, and guide you to better outcomes.

The Pillars of Health are a collection of the best ideas — across all healing modalities.

The Pillars of Health are organized: Light, Sleep, Gut, Food, Movement, Nutrients, Thyroid, & Sick Buildings.

The Pillars are how I personally changed my perspective — and fully recovered my health.

Are you sick and tired of spinning in circles? Of bouncing from idea to idea?

Expand your perspective!

These aspects of your health are interlinked — they each impact all the others.

When we see that sleep affects the gut — which affects immunity, which affects nutrient balance — which in turn affects sleep… and so on…

…we enter into a new phase of our healing, recovery and health optimization.

This new phase is one of empowerment, of building a sustainable foundation — one we don’t need to abandon later.

And that’s where progress is found. Sustainable steps forward.

Encounter the Pillars of Health — and the wisdom they can teach you.

Get forever-access to the entire site, which is constantly being updated. No subscriptions, no fees.

Just pure Pillars of Health — the foundation you need to move forward, for good.

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The Pillars of Health

Organize your thoughts. Change your life.

Pillars of Health

Interconnected wisdom.

The Pillars of Health

The bird’s eye view.

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