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Read Why Nutritional Supplementation Is Important

Nutrients must be in balance — with each other — to minimize inflammation.

“The metabolism of macro- and micronutrients is a complex and highly regulated biological process.

An imbalance in the metabolites and their signaling networks can lead to nonresolving inflammation and consequently to the development of chronic inflammatory-associated diseases. “

We see, here, that “nutrient imbalance can cause inflammation-related diseases.”

But chronic inflammation can also impair nutrient absorbtion.

“Intestinal inflammation is often associated with altered malabsorption of fluids, electrolytes and nutrients.”

While causing your body to use up energy too quickly ongoing inflammation also prevents replenishment with nutrients.

Thus, chronic inflammation very often leads directly to nutrient depletion.

But once nutrients are depleted, this causes more inflammation.
It’s a pernicious cycle that keeps nutrients imbalanced — and inflammation high.

Should We Take Nutritional Supplements?

In most cases, probably. Why?

  • Most modern foods & diets are deficient in nutrients (1).
  • A compromised gut microbiome struggles to absorb nutrients from food sources (2)…

Therefore, supplements are often essential for the restoration of nutritional balance in the body.

Proceed wisely: Always keep balance in mind.


= My Personal Rating, based on personal experiences working with hundreds of clients over the years. The Rating averages both the general nutrient & the particular product quality.


A superior, safe multivitamin smooths out nutrient imbalances and deficiencies — instead of creating new imbalances.
Thoughts About Multivitamins
  • If sensitive to nutrient imbalances, beware megadoses — most multivitamins have them.
  • If even a gentle multivitamin is intolerable, consider taking it every other day, or 2x/week. A gentle “multi” can be the foundation of your improvement, even when taken less frequently.

Balanced Multivitamin


The most safe & effective multivitamin I’ve found with my clients — and myself — is the Naturelo. This collection of multi’s is excellent to promote balance. Description for this block. Use this space for describing your block. Any text will do. Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.

NATURELO One Daily (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating): 9.8/10

Each Naturelo multivitamin is good, but I recommend the “One Daily.”

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplementation is wise for most people due to its immune properties and importance for digesting carbohydrates.
Thoughts about Vitamin C
  • If tolerable, consider 1-2x/daily doses, 400-500mg each dose.
  • If very sensitive, consider taking a small daily dose (100mg or less), or every other day
In the depleted body, Vitamin C can deplete sodium, Zinc and copper.

Food-Based Vitamin C


It is not essential to take food-based Vitamin C, as is popularly argued. However, this is a fantastic product, combining two forms of Vitamin C: ascorbic acid and food-based. I’ve had great results with this one.

SOLARAY Vitamin C — 1:1 Ratio (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating): 9.8/10

Liposomal Vitamin C


This Vitamin C is both water- and fat-soluble– meaning it seems to absorb better and remain with the body a bit longer than typical water-soluble forms. Not a true liposomal product, but does behave very similarly… or even better. During my recovery, this form seemed more powerful than both typical ascorbic acid and true liposomal C — it seemed to improve brain fog and energy levels.

SOLARAY Liposomal Vitamin C (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating): 9.6/10

Chelated to a palmitate ehaves a little like a fat-soluble nutrient. I noticed stamina and mental focus when I first tried this form.


(D A K E)

Thoughts about Fat-Solubles
  • It’s not essential to take fat-solubles daily — but it is essential to understand them, and make sure levels are not low.
  • One or two moderate doses of each per week is a conservative, safer maintenance dose. If very deficient, you might need more — perhaps daily supplementation — for several weeks or longer.
  • It is very easy to oversupplement these four nutrients. They’re fat-soluble, so they stay in the body a long time, causing severe symptoms including insomnia and malaise.

Vitamin D


Low Vitamin D causes all sorts of metabolic, digestive, mood, hormonal, and sleep problems. Do not allow Vitamin D deficiency to derail your health. However, oversupplementation is also extremely easy to achieve over time. Know what you’re doing when you supplement this. Vitamin D depletes magnesium, Vitamin A, and sometimes calcium.

Vitamin D Supplements
Thorne Vitamin D3 — 5000IU / 10000IU (iherb)
Doctor’s Best (iherb) — 1000IU / 2000IU / 5000IU
NOW Foods (iherb) — 2000IU / 5000IU / 10000IU

(Travis’ Rating: 4/10

Sunlight for Vitamin D (UV Index 4+)

(Travis’ Rating): 10/10

UV light degrades Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin D depletes Vitamin A. Don’t ever allow yourself to sunburn.

UV Bulbs for Vitamin D

(Travis’ Rating): 6/10

REPTISUN 5.0 (13 watts) — Decent UVA-UVB ratio of 6:1. (PetSmart)
(click image to open)
uv reptile
REPTISUN 5.0 (26 watts)Decent UVA-UVB ratio of 6:1. (Amazon)
(click image to open)

Light must contain UVB spectrum to produce Vitamin D.

A high UVA-to-UVB ratio mimics sunlight, and prevents too-high Vitamin D production.

Vitamin A


Low Vitamin A can cause debilitating insomnia, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and skin problems.

Vitamin A depletes Vitamin D and zinc, and slightly boosts iron levels. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, protecting polyunsaturated fats from harmful oxidation.

Pure Encapsulations (amazon) — 10000IU

(Travis’ Rating): 10/10

Carlson Labs (iherb) — 10000IU

(Travis’ Rating): 10/10

Bluebonnet Nutrition (iherb) — 10000IU

(Travis’ Rating): 10/10

I love all of these. Natural food sourced, the Vitamin A is extracted from cod liver oil.

Vitamin K


There are two forms of Vitamin K.

K1 supports clotting, while K2 supports hormonal balance and keeps excess calcium out of blood.

K1 is found in leafy greens, K2 is largely absent from the diet, save for fermented foods. Vitamin K2 generally opposes Vitamin D levels.

DOCTOR’S BEST K2 (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

Life Extension K2 (Low Dose) (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

Life Extension Super K (K1 + K2, higher doses) (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

Jarrow MK-7 (iherb) 

(Take 2-3x/week for maintenance)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

CALIFORNIA GOLD Full Spectrum K2 (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 4/10

Thorne K2 Liquid Drops (iherb) 

(For maintenance, consider 2-3 drops, 1-2x/week)*

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

*A maintenance-dose is less likely to create imbalances.

Vitamin E


Vitamin E is a hormonal powerhouse, while protecting polyunsaturated fats from harmful oxidation. Too much Vitamin E causes insomnia and other problems.

Jarrow Famil-E (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10*

*I love this Vitamin E.


Thoughts about Minerals
  • The minerals can be organized in a heirarchy of importance.
  • The body generally requires top-tier minerals much more than the lower-tier minerals.

1st Tier Minerals

Sodium – Potassium – Calcium – Magnesium

The first four minerals are essential nearly-daily for optimal health. You might need a lot of one, or none of it. The only true way to know is to try: Take some, observe symptoms.



Sodium is easily retained the body, except for in extreme cases of hypothyroidism and sick building syndrome, which seem to cause the body to waste sodium. Many of these folks require large amounts of sodium until their inflammation and root causes are addressed.

Sodium is balanced by its partner, potassium.

REAL SALT (amazon)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

DIAMOND CRYSTAL Coarse Kosher Salt (amazon)

(Travis’ Rating) = 8/10



The general public tends to be very deficient in potassium — causing bloating, insomnia, tight and sore muscles, and fatigue. Potassium is the partner of sodium, and there balances/opposes/depletes sodium.



Most forms of calcium are not very absorbable. MCHA is.


(Travis’ Rating) = 10.10

cheaper option: 


(Travis’ Rating) = 9.5/10



Essential for virtually every biological function. When deficient can cause insomnia, fatigue, tight muscles. Will deplete Vitamin D and calcium.

DOCTOR’S BEST Chelated Magnesium (iHerb)
  • This form is a blend of magnesium glycinate and lysinate, providing the benefits of both glycine and lysine (anti-viral).

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

PURE ENCAPSULATIONS Magnesium Glycinate (amazon)
  • Glycinate is a much-needed, almost always deficient, building block amino acid. It makes for an excellent chelator for minerals.

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

DOCTOR’S BEST Magnesium L-Threonate (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.5/10

DOUBLEWOOD Magnesium L-Threonate (amazon)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.5/10

2nd Tier Minerals

Zinc – Copper – Iodine – Selenium


These are required in much lower amounts than the 1st tier.

Yet the 2nd Tier can be essential for recovering lost immunity, metabolic energy, sleep, and digestive health. You might need one of these more than the others for some time.



Incredibly pro-immunity and anti-pathogen. Supports testosterone. Dramatically depletes copper, iron, Vit A, and Vit D.

SOLGAR Zinc Picolinate 22mg (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.5/10

PURE ENCAPSULATIONS Zinc Picolinate 15mg (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10



Powerfully anti-microbial, boosts iron levels and Vitamin A levels. Depletes copper.

NATURE’S WAY Chlorofresh 90pills — (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10


(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10

WORLD ORGANIC Chlorophyll — (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 8.5/10



Essential for immunity and thyroid function. Is easily overdone, be especially wary of megadosing. Depletes selenium.


(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10



Rarely needed in large quantities. Supports glutathione levels. Depletes iodine. Is easily overdone — foul body odor is symptom of overdose.

NATURE’S WAY Selenomethionine (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

SOLARAY Selenomethionine (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 8/10

3rd Tier Minerals

Sulfur – Molybdenum – Iron – Manganese


Third Tier minerals are needed in very small quantities.

Be extremely careful, here.



Very antimicrobial. Many people struggle to tolerate and balance their sulfur. Is very easily overdone via supplementation, be wary of overhyped products/recommendations.

NATURAL FACTORS MSM Joint Formula (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 4/10



Balances and depletes sulfur. Only needed in tiny amounts. Should not be supplemented in large amounts daily. Will generally deplete all minerals. May be required more frequently to reduce high sulfur levels.

THORNE Molybdenum Glycinate

(Travis’ Rating) = 10/10


The B-vitamins unlock your energy production, and are necessary to restore gut function.
Thoughts about B-Vitamin Supplements
  • Each B-vitamin will deplete the other B-vitamins, so they must be taken in a balanced way over time.
  • The B-vitamins generally deplete sodium (except for B1, which can raise sodium).
  • Single B-vitamin products should rarely be taken more than 1-2x/week, and should always be balanced with all other B’s.

I no longer consider the activated forms of B-vitamins to be wise for most people, because they are too intensely absorbed and create imbalances far too easily. Instead, the basic forms of B-vitamins are sufficient for nearly all situations.


This is a fantastic, low-to-medium dose of all B’s, though the extra-sensitive folks may still struggle to tolerate it. I take this about 2-3x/week.

THOMPSON B-Complex (iherb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 8.5/10

B1 (thiamin)

Perhaps the most important B-vitamin. Deficient in many diets and foods. Thiamin Hcl is the superior form for most everyone. Other fat-soluble forms (TTFD and benfotiamine) are too intense and can be harmful. High B1 (thiamin) intake can deplete all other B-vitamins, especially B2.

NOW B1 (Thiamin HCl) — 100mg (amazon)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

Nature’s Way (Thiamin HCl) — 100mg (amazon)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

(Any TTFD or Allithiamine product = unsafe for most)

(Travis’ Rating) = 1/10

B2 (riboflavin)

Essential for energy production. Can deplete B1, especially.

Nature’s Way B2 (Riboflavin) — (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

B3 (niacin)

Essential for fat metabolism, especially, and blood flow, as well as feelings of relaxation. Megadosing this is popular, but not without risk; Be safe, use smaller doses.

Source Naturals Niacinamide 100mg

(Travis’ Rating) = 7/10

B4 (choline)

Critical for liver detoxification. Even moderate doses can cause mood disruptions and irritability.

B5 (pantothine)

Essential for the skin’s natural barrier. Other B-vitamins — especially biotin — can deplete this, causing acne breakouts. More supplemental B5 can resolve this, along with fixing digestive issues which cause nutrient depletion.

NATURE’S WAY Pantethine 250mg (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 4/10

B6 (pyridoxine)

An essential B-vitamin for sleep and detoxification, but one that is also easily overdone. Avoid megadosing B6, even by accident: B6 is commonly sneaked into supplements containing other ingredients.

NOW B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) — (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 3/10

B7 (biotin)

Essential for hair and collagen, but can deplete all other B-vitamins, especially B5 (causing skin flare-ups, because B5 is so critical for the skin’s barrier). Do not take isolated biotin daily.

Life Extension Biotin (800mcg) (iHerb)
  • Rated higher because I like the smaller dose (800mcg vs 1000mcg in the others)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.5/10

Nature’s Way Biotin (1000mcg) (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.3/10

Solgar Biotin (1000mcg) (amazon)

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.3/10

B8 (inositol)

Is often taken with choline for optimal results. No longer considered a B-vitamin.

Nature’s Way Choline & Inositol 500mg/500mg (iHerb)
  • same product as recommendation for B4

(Travis’ Rating) = 7/10

B9 (folate)

Essential for detoxification, fortified in store-bough foods (USA), is easily overdone, and few people require much supplementation.

Jarrow Methylfolate (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 1/10

B12 (cobalamin)

B12 is not readily absorbed in the intestine, so sublingual forms are superior. B12 depletes all other B-vitamins, and can cause acne breakouts in large doses. There is usually no need to megadose this nutrient, in fact doing so can cause problems, despite the popular trend. Can also deplete lithium.

Jarrow Methyl-B12 Lozenges (iHerb)

(Travis’ Rating) = 4/10

Protein Supplements

Protein is essential for hair/skin/nails, hormone production, sleep, detoxification, joint health, cognition, and recovery from exercise/injury.
Thoughts about Protein Supplements
  • Protein intake causes insulin to be released, helping blood glucose enter cells. Therefore, too much protein can cause low blood sugar if you have hypoglycemia.
  • Protein and carbs directly “balance” each other in the diet.
  • Too much protein can be hard on the kidneys and stress metabolism
  • Any hydrolyzed protein powder — especially collagen — can be high in glutamate, causing miserable symptoms in sensitive individuals
  • Whey protein is potentially unbalanced in its amino acid content. Fatigue is possible with whey — potentially due to high tryptophan content. Whole milk protein (whey + casein) is a more optimal amino acid profile.
  • Plant-based protein powders are known to be high in heavy metals (!)

Dairy Protein Supplements

TrueNutrition Milk Protein Concentrate
  • I’ve been using this product for years. It’s the best protein powder I’ve found in terms of nutritional balance. If it were organic, it would get a 10/10 rating.

(Travis’ Rating) = 9.8/10

Total Milk Protein Concentrate (amazon)
  • Quality seems lower. Taste isn’t great. Mixes poorly. TrueNutrition’s protein seems top-notch compared to this one. After ordering three times, I started to think I felt worse on this one. Switched back to TrueNutrition and definitely thought I felt better on it.

(Travis’ Rating) = 4 /10

Collagen Supplements

Vitamin Shoppe Multi-Source Collagen
  • With collagen, less is more. I take about 1-3g per day.
  • Multiple source protein, providing Types I, II, III, V, & X collagen. (I consider this very valuable, and I notice a difference).

(Travis’ Rating) = 9/10

Great Lakes Bovine Gelatin
  • Single-source collagen protein (bovine)

(Travis’ Rating) = 5/10

Great Lakes Bovine Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed gelatin — a recipe for disaster if you’re sensitive to glutamates
  • Single-source protein (bovine)

(Travis’ Rating) = 3/10

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