I was sick.

I am an experienced health coach, trained at Duke Integrative Medicine.

I was sick for about 8 years.  

Muscle weakness.  Brain fog.  Debilitating fatigue.  Couldn’t sleep.  Couldn’t digest food well. Couldn’t concentrate on anything.  Extremely low body temperature.  Days of recovery after the smallest physical effort.  I desperately tried to hide how bad my symptoms were.

I became a student of every path I could find:

  • I saw Doctors
  • I saw Functional Medicine Doctors
  • I saw alternative health practitioners
  • I had costly blood work
  • I studied Yoga, Qi-Gong, & Meditation
  • I joined dozens of online health discussion groups
  • I tested many, many, many supplements
  • I tested most every diet
  • I studied the leaders of nearly every health “movement.”
  • I read countless books, articles, and scientific papers about nutrition, diet, and chronic illness
  • I spent nearly a decade of endless conversations with other sufferers, looking for clues about metabolism, digestion, bio-physics, immunity, gut health, circadian rhythms, mold, EMF, and more…

I went long stretches unable to work — burning through savings — unable to figure out why I felt so terrible.

Here’s how it all began:

In 2007, after completion of a BA in Economics from Western Kentucky University, I began working at a local corporation. In 2008, I moved to Nashville, TN to play music.

Within a year, I found myself struggling with health issues that forced me out of music — and almost entirely out of “normal” life — for nearly a decade.

I spent most all of my free time studying every aspect of health I could find.  I endlessly explored the scientific literature, PubMed citations, biology textbooks, and PhDs and MDs publications, and online “health gurus” on every topic from digestion to mental health.  I meticulously implemented most of the ideas, diets, and supplemental regimens of every respected or popular thinker available — to varying results.

Through this approach, I learned precisely what each method had to offer me. 

I explored the benefits and pitfalls of focusing on:

  • Gut health & diets
  • Metabolism & thyroid
  • Sick building syndrome
  • Mold
  • EMF
  • Nutrition
  • Mineral balancing
  • Light
  • Circadian rhythm
  • The body electric
  • The mental side of healing

It wasn’t until I put them all together that I began to make real, sustainable progress.

And that’s what I’d love to help you do:

Make real sustainable progress.
By putting pieces together.

It all comes down to this:  

There may be multiple areas — and big pitfalls — to focus on to give ourselves the best chance to heal.

We can do many things well, but if we ignore important areas we limit our ability to recover.  When we’re sick, the things we overlook can be game-changers.

Find what you need to know.

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