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The Light Section -- Learn about light and its effects on human health.
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The Gut Section -- Learn about how gut health matters for human health, recovery from chronic illness, and longevity.
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The Mold section -- Learn about mold illness and how your environment can affect your health, longevity, and recovery from illness.
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The Nutrient section -- Learn about how nutrient balance, absorption, and interaction affect human health, recovery from illness, and longevity.
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The Thyroid Section -- Learn about how the thyroid affects human health, as well as what to do to restore it to proper function.
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Learn about how Sick Buildings affect human health, and what to watch out for in your environment.
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A Path for Your Journey.

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Featured on the QUAX Podcast
LUCAS, HOST OF QUAX PODCAST: “This is by far the most comprehensive interview I have done on how to be the healthiest you can be.”

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