Ongoing Guidance

From: $275 / month

An interactive partnership including live monthly calls & unlimited messaging.

Take advantage of 1.5 decades of experience and National Board Certification — with a caring, responsive, dogma-free coaching partnership that focuses on true balance and sustainable success.

Level up your options, clarity, and potential for growth.

Between our live sessions, discuss your health, goals, and daily challenges via unlimited messaging/email.

ARTICLE: What makes Health Coaching so effective?

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New Clients start with the 6-Week Program.


Are you new or returning?
  • New client?  Select “New Client” to enroll in the 6-Week Program. After 45 days, you will automatically be enrolled in Ongoing Guidance.
  • Returning Clients begin with Ongoing Guidance on Day 1, by selecting ‘Returning Client.’  
  • For new clients, the Ongoing Guidance program begins automatically after 45 days.  It is $200/month.
  • The 6-Week Program is paid for via the “sign-up fee” ($475), on Day 1. 
  • The 6-Week Program lasts 45-days, referred to as a “free trial” by the system.

Everyone Can Benefit From a Fantastic Health Coach.

A skilled, National Board Certified health coach is — first — trained to listen.

Find the best solutions, identify your motivation, and stay on track. Working alongside your other healthcare providers, we’ll focus on what matters most to you.

Let’s find your next steps, stay accountable and weigh your options.

Read more: What makes Health Coaching so effective?



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New or Returning Client?

New — 6-Week Starter Program, Returning

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