Health Coaching

$400 / month

PRICE SCHEDULE(All changes made automatically by the system)
Months 1-6: 400
Months 7-12: 275
Months 13+: 165

Momentum means sustainable progress.

Travis Burch (GC, NBC-HWC) has 15 years of experience — including almost 10 as a professional coach, alongside a stringent National Board Certification.  In addition to his vast knowledge of illness and healing, he is also a licensed/insured General Contractor who deeply understands building health.  Join the thousands of people coached by this caring, responsive, dogma-free coaching partnership, and create momentum toward sustainable success.

Level-up your clarity.

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With Health Coaching,
You’re not alone.

+ Unlimited messaging/email

(1-business day response time on all messages/email).

+ Monthly calls (1-2/mo)

Now, Coaching clients will see their monthly rate *automatically* reduce: after 6 months of coaching, and then again at the 12 month mark.

The idea, here, is that:
  1. Our coaching relationship naturally gets smoother as time goes on. We know each other, how to communicate, and your unique story becomes ingrained into our working relationship. Problems are solved quicker, consultations are increasingly efficient.
  2. You make progress over time. Therefore, while challenges naturally arise, you’re consistently at a better place after working together, and problems become smaller.
The end result? Your price after 6 months is 30% less than it was when we started, and, after 12 months, is 60% less.

I excel at helping people find what works for their body and mind.

Click image (below) to read the Agreement:


Read more: What makes Health Coaching so effective?

Create momentum.  Sustain your progress. Find clarity.





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