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What makes Health Coaching
so effective?

Health coaching — from well-trained, supportive coaches — is the future of modern medicine.

  • Studies show the average patient speaks for 12-18 seconds before the being interrupted (source).

In fact, the average doctor’s visit is eleven (11) minutes, with patients speaking an average of four (4) minutes.

With a properly trained health coach — you can be finally be heard. Via someone who cares about your situation, with all of its details.

Medical doctors face incredible financial liability when prescribing prescription medications — and have to see endless numbers of patients per day to cover their overhead. By contrast, health coaches can help you focus on what doctors often don’t have time to focus on:

  • your diet
  • your exercise
  • your sleep routine
  • your supplementation
  • your motivations
  • what you are curious about

Here’s the difference a great health coach brings to the table — where both conventional western medicine & alternative health often lack:

What works for you is what is best.

Not dogma, not bias, not rigid idealism, not surface-level treatment of symptoms, and not rushed. Simply what works in your own experience.

Personally, I lost my health, and regained it in full. I’m still getting healthier!

I’ve tried the extremes and made the many mistakes — with diet, with supplements, and with my mindset. Whereas conventional medicine is so important for acute crises, it’s not well-designed to prevent and improve chronic disease — that’s what you can do.

Similarly, a large percentage of alternative health recommendations are incredibly ineffective — and a too-large number even expose you to risk of harm. I hear the stories of folks harmed by alternative health practicioners every day.

If you’ve been struggling for too long, lost somewhere between a rigid medical paradigm and the contradictory views of alternative health — there’s no need for you to go it alone any longer.

Together, let’s find stable, restorative ground for you to move forward.

(see below for FAQs — what is the program like?)

A 3-month interactive partnership
  • Focused, attentive guidance on your journey, your challenges, your solutions
  • One (1) or Two (2) Monthly Consultations (+ more as needed)
  • Unlimited Messaging

Would you like to discuss how Coaching can help you?

Or, book a session, anytime:

LET’S Dive deep
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Questions about Coaching

A 3-Month Interactive Partnership

Take advantage of an ongoing, responsive coaching partnership.

Discuss your health goals & challenges — between our coaching sessions — via unlimited messaging or email.

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