Health Coaching


Trained by Duke Integrative Medicine
NBC-HWC, National Board Certified

Overcome the biggest challenge with our health:

What works for you and your body? What excites you?

Working alongside other healthcare providers, we’ll focus on what helps you the most.

Let’s identify best solutions, find next steps, and create momentum — together.

An ongoing system of support.

  • One or Two Monthly Calls (audio -or- video)
  • Unlimited Messaging

“Health & Wellness Coaches introduce a new level of expertise into the health-care system.”

Amy Meister, chief executive, UnitedHealth Insurance


Learn More:

What makes Health Coaching
so effective?

trained by Duke Integrative Medicine

Health coaching — from well-trained, experienced, and empathetic
coaches — is the future of modern medicine.

Health coaches can help you focus on what other health care professionals often don’t have time to focus on:

  • your diet
  • your exercise
  • your sleep routine
  • your supplementation
  • your motivations
  • what you are curious about

Put the Pieces Together

A partner with you on your health journey — someone trained to work with you alongside specialists, doctors, and practitioners.

Is a diagnosis or prescription drugs — the only variable that matters for your health?

Of course not! Research shows that the most important variables for your longevity are your habits and environmental health:

“There is no longer any serious doubt that daily habits and actions profoundly affect both short-term and long-term health and quality of life. This concept is supported by literally thousands of research articles and incorporated in multiple evidence-based guidelines for the prevention and/or treatment of chronic metabolic diseases.”

The guidance you need to:

  • Simplify your lifestyle for health
  • Find new ideas
  • Weed out bad ideas
  • Focus on what matters most for your health.
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