“There are seemingly endless numbers of health and nutrition gurus selling protocols, but very very few of them actually possess the qualities needed to heal for a person struggling from ill health or disease.

I can personally attest that Travis Burch is the real deal. I’m forever grateful to have crossed paths with him at a very crucial time during which the collective health of my family had fallen apart as a result of living in a moldy house.

His in-depth understanding of nutrition, lifestyle (and their interactions) and the way in which the environment influences our health (good and bad) is astounding.

But, the best part is that he’s big-hearted and has a faculty for tuning in and listening that effectively sets him apart from others in the field. Thank you, Travis!”

Diane Tantimonaco

California, USA

“Travis Burch is extremely patient and really listens.

He has helped me recently discover some major issues with my regimen and I’m forever grateful!”

Mandy Rode


“You have changed how I think about what I expect from every health professional I work with. You are a rockstar.

You are practical, not selling an agenda and so open-minded, which comes through in your writing.  It’s so clear how much thought you’ve put into the site, and the content and delivery of content is unparalleled.

You are thorough, but also able to communicate in a way that’s not overwhelming, which I feel is a really hard to balance.  You’re able to communicate this stuff 100x better than anyone else out there.  

I’m often referencing your site in my mind as I’ve been helping my brother work through issues.

I’m so appreciative of you and your work — the mindset you’ve given me is invaluable.  You’ve trained and taught me well!”

Max Friedman

Massachusetts, USA

“I’ve been on an 8-year long journey of struggling with hypothyroidism and a ton of health issues stemming from that (i.e. chronic fatigue, depression, weak immune system, insomnia, constant sore throats, digestive issues, etc.) I’ve seen tons of different doctors, naturopaths, healers (and spent thousands of dollars) with little to no results.

In the first few months of working with Travis, my issues started to reverse almost instantly! Within 6-12 months, I felt like I had healed 80-90% of my issues. It was remarkable. And at a MUCH lower price than all these expensive doctors (and with much more day-to-day support). He’s also very open-minded and non-dogmatic, so he’ll work with you however you want to explore things. Not to mention, he’s also just an incredibly caring and awesome human being. Navigating my health journey has been infinitely more manageable and less overwhelming with Travis by my side.

Travis has pretty much given me my life back and I can’t thank him enough for it! And his ideas and perspectives on health feel absolutely foundational to me. Your mileage will vary with any health coach or protocol, as everybody and situation is different, but I’m pretty convinced that Travis’ coaching would be helpful to pretty much everybody. His protocols feel absolutely fundamental to me for better health.”

Jaemin Yi

California, USA

“I just wanna say Travis Burch has been so key to my healing process over the last year, which is getting better and better.

Coming from so many different dietary influences, I feel as though Travis has shown me the balance that I so needed.

If I could have gone back in time 4 years ago when I started searching into health and had access to the knowledge on this website and Travis’ direct support I would have sorted a lot of issues I had out a long time ago and saved my self a lot of tim.

The material on this website is extremely clear cut, organised and actually very enjoyable and easy to read. Never have I been so interested and excited when looking into health. Everything is actionable and there are a million things I’ve taken from the website to improve so many issues I had (sleep improved greatly, circadian rhythm, energy levels, skin issues have improved, strength in the gym are just a few of many others, oh and also balance, so key). Everything you need to heal is here on this website.

Also working with Travis directly he has been able to troubleshoot a lot of issues and I am always so grateful for the time he takes to help me. He really does put thought and effort into every single response I have from him and honestly just cannot thank him enough.”

Josh Clement

U. K.

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