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I am a licensed & insured General Contractor & Homebuilder in the state of Kentucky.


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What is a Homebuilding/Construction Consultation?

Talk face-to-face with a licensed & insured General Contractor and Homebuilder who is deeply informed and and cares about healthy construction practices. In fact, my personal experience with living in sick homes is exactly why I got into construction in the first place.

Calls are fun and to the point. I care about your vision for a healthy home.

Why Do I Offer Homebuilding Consultations?

Because I know that well-built homes can be hard to find. Homes that can limit common issues like water intrustion, mold, HVAC air quality issues, electrical concerns, and more.

And I want to be able to help you build — or plan to build — your future healthy home, even if you’re in a different location around the country, or the world.

What Topics Do Homebuilding Consultations Cover?

We’ll discuss any topics related to healthy buildings, and living in them!

From best construction methods and systems, to materials and products, installation — all the way to air quality, HVAC, light quality, flashing (a critical topic), and more.

I’m expecially interested in avoiding the mistakes commonly made during installation, the ones that lead to leaks, rot, expensive fixes, and health complications.

Finding and choosing the best floor plans is a critical component of a great build. It’s critical to know what will work best, keep you healthiest, and fit your budget. Once a house is built, it’s difficult and costly to change it. It’s always best to solve problems before construction begins. Sometimes, your ideal materials and systems won’t work with your floor plan, and sometimes your floor plan will call for very specific materials and systems. It’s good to know all this before your builder installs something that won’t be optimal for your specific situation.

If you’ve got a question, there’s a good chance I’ve spent at least 30 hours thinking about that topic alone — which means, I care about it, too! And I’ve probably come up with some plans for how to achieve that goal both sustainably and under budget.

Can you build my house for me?

I can if you’re in my area! Otherwise, I’d love to consult on your project.

Schedule your one-off consultations (above), or sign up for Homebuilding Mentorship using this button:

I want to learn for the future, and talk about keeping up my current place.

Do I have to be planning to build a house to schedule a consultation?

You don’t have to be planning to build a house to schedule a consultation. I’m passionate about educating about healthy building practices. These skills will serve you for the rest of your life — even today as you live in your current home!

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