Homebuilding Mentorship

$400 / month


The right choices for your home mean better health for your future.

Building a house — either with a builder, or yourself — is no small task.  Especially when you’re not an expert in the field!  “Which products are superior?”  “How do they interact with other systems?”  “How do I design a house that supports my health — rather than detracts from it?”  “How do I design a house that minimizes risk of moisture intrusion?”

Building a house is something done every day, around the world.  It’s often a casual endeavour.  But when you build your house, it will be intentional.  Intentional choices, intentional design, intentional systems — all designed to minimize risk, and maximize your health.

Travis Burch (GC, NBC-HWC) has 15 years in the health space — after losing his health entirely to sick buildings.  Now recovered, he is a licensed/insured General Contractor with a decade-long passion for building health and building science. Enjoy caring, responsive, dogma-free mentorship, and create the momentum you’re looking for — toward a truly healthy home.

Level-up your clarity.

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Build a healthy home with confidence.

Trust your choices, designs, budget…

—  and your future health.

With Homebuilding Mentorship,You’re not alone.

+ Unlimited messaging/email

(1-business day response time on all messages/email).

+ Monthly calls (1-2/mo)

For many, having a healthy home is the single most important component of their daily health.

How much does your home impact your life?


Relax into your bright future — with Homebuilding Mentorship.




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