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Our Vision

At Travis Burch Construction, we know that quality living spaces are an essential human need. We are inspired by houses that are healthy to live in — and will stand the test of time. And we believe in the dignity that comes with a solid, well-designed home.

We know the single biggest risk factor for healthy, reliable homes is moisture intrusion. Rainfall, leaks, and humidity can change a building in a short period of time. Therefore, wall systems, flashing, waterproofing, drainage, and grading require focused attention — and no compromises.

And while visual aesthetics are secondary to function, attractive homes bring excitement, value, and pride that inspires proper care. Beauty is not derived only from materials & finish products, but from holistic design principles, and passion for details.

Upcoming Projects

  • Breckenridge Lot 53 (Alvaton, KY) – (current project)
  • Upton Farms Lot 10 (Alvaton, KY) – (current project)
  • Olde Stone Lot 5-13 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Poplar Grove Lot 73 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Holly Farms Lot 22 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Olde Stone Lot 6-4 (Bowling Green, KY)

Sub Contractors

In everything we do, we strive for high integrity & excellent communication. If you can help us improve — let us know. Our goal is to learn, grow, and thrive.

Please submit your contact information, request building plans, or submit bids at the email address below:

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