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Our Vision

At Travis Burch Construction, nothing matters more than the end product. We dream of houses that are healthy to live in — and will stand the test of time. We believe in the dignity that comes with a solid, well-designed home. And we know that quality living spaces are an essential human need.

The single biggest risk factor for healthy, reliable homes is moisture intrustion. Rainfall, leaks, and humidity can change a building in a short period of time, so wall systems, flashing, waterproofing, and grading require detailed attention — and no compromises.

And while visual aesthetics are secondary to function, nonetheless they matter. Attractive homes bring excitement, value, and a pride that inspires proper care. Beauty is not derived only from materials & finishes, but with a passion for the details.

Upcoming Projects

  • Breckenridge Lot 53 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Upton Farms Lot 10 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Poplar Grove Lot 73 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Holly Farms Lot 22 (Alvaton, KY)
  • Olde Stone Lot 6-4 (Bowling Green, KY)

Sub Contractors

In everything we do, we strive for high integrity & great communication. If you need better from us — let us know. We want to learn, grow, and thrive.

Please submit your contact information, request building plans, or submit bids at the email address below:

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