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Community, wisdom, & experience — Let’s find your next steps together.


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A Thoughtful, Comprehensive Resource

An asset — a shoulder to lean on, and experienced guidance as you make sustainable progress toward better health.

With this information, you have access to almost 15-years of health wisdom.  You’ll love its constant updates, in both user-friendliness/design and as new research comes out.
Clear & organized for rapid learning, you can both organize your thoughts and discover new ideas.
The PILLARS are how I recovered my health, after nearly a decade of failed attempts, distractions, and wisdom gained.
Of course, there’s so much individuality to what works — and yet so much is universal for each of us, too.
The PILLARS of Health set a high bar for health information.  A majority of the ideas we see on the internet are not effective, sustainable, or safe enough, to be included in this compendium of information.
I’m excited for you!  For the progress you’re about to make, the awareness and knowledge you’ve been growing.   You’re putting the pieces together, keeping the Big Picture in mind:  the interconnectedness of the body, and your most important, root causes of your symptoms.
With the Pillars of Health and your new support community, you can power through the confusing, contradictory labyrinth that is modern health advice — and step into a new, empowered way of living.
Travis Burch, NBC-HWC, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach,
tr. Duke Integrative Medicine


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