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What affects inflammation?

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It’s when we stack multiple approaches together that we find true, sustainable improvement.


Fatigue, Brain Fog & Poor Cognition, Muscle Weakness, Poor Sleep, Poor Digestion, Poor Hormonal Production, Nutritional Deficiencies, Poor Blood Sugar Regulation, Poor Mood, Poor Libido

INFLAMMATION: Rating Influence









Influence on inflammation: 10

Inflammation really starts with the gut.

There can be other leading causes, too (tooth & mouth health, for instance).  But gut health is the main hub of inflammation. 

With over 70% of the body’s immune system residing in the gut, and a whole host of potential pathogens entering the via the mouth every day (along with the possibility of pathogens taking up residence in the gut) it’s no wonder that when things go wrong, it’s the gut that’s affected first. 

Even stress causes the gut to suffer — and when the gut suffers, inflammation isn’t far behind.

Influence on inflammation: 10

Improve inflammation, infection, & blood flow… with light.

Light can also upgrade digestive health and directly improve immunity. 

It’s also a key player in the health of the brain — another organ that affects inflammation.

Other wavelengths of light can raise cortisol and make inflammation worse.

All in all, if you need to improve your inflammatory response — grow your knowledge about light and how it affects your biology.  You won’t regret it.

Influence on inflammation: 10

Sleep is also at the top of the list for improving inflammation.  

If you aren’t getting great sleep you are GUARANTEED to have more inflammation. 

Your entire body runs like a high-functioning business — and everything needs to run on time.  When you throw off your sleep schedule, you throw off your body’s ability to tell time. 

And when things get thrown off in the body — immunity plummets, and inflammation is certainly a result.  Simply from poor sleep.

Influence on inflammation: 10

If you’re struggling with inflammation — your environment could really matter.

You need to become well-informed about how mold, EMF, chemicals, and sick buildings can affect you. 

You then need to take steps to limit your exposure to “less healthy” buildings — and spend more time outdoors and in “more healthy” buildings. 

This category is rated a full 10 because it’s THAT important.  The idea that your current place of work or residence is adding to your body’s inflammation can be difficult to hear.  But it very well may be true (if you’re spending time in sick locations).

Influence on inflammation: 8

Mold exposure is like taking an “inflammation pill” every few minutes.

It isn’t until we remove ourselves from the source of the exposure that this inflammation truly begins to subside.

If you’re suffering from the typical signs of CIRS (Chronic Immune Response Syndrome) or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), chances are that you’ve been exposed to mold at some point. 

Take stock of what you’re dealing with in your home or workplace — can make changes it needed.

Influence on inflammation: 7

Big nutrient imbalances can mean inflammation.

A greatest threat may be unwise supplementation.  Few accurately understand how devastating this can be — when a nutrient is taken for far too long, in too high of a dose.

If you’ve got inflammation issues — make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot, hip, elbow, or wrist. 

Influence on inflammation: 6

The first step: Stop eating the foods that cause issues.

The second step is improve your diet overall. 

The third step is to really work on fixing your gut health. 

Many factors can affect food intolerances: nutrient balance, environment, stress, and overall gut health. Paying attention to macronutrient ratio can also greatly help digestion and therefore inflammation.

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