What Affects Your Thyroid Health?

Not sure where to start? Let this guide help you pinpoint your problem areas.

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Low Body Temperature, Poor Energy Levels, Depression, Poor Cold Tolerance, Poor Sleep, Poor Digestion, Cold Extremities, Weight Gain, Brain Fog & Poor Cognition, Depression, Low Libido, Low Food Tolerance, Low Immunity

THYROID: Rating Influence









Influence on thyroid: 10

There’s nothing like light to improve thyroid health.

Infrared light, in particular, is a wealth of thyroid benefits — and very few humans get infrared light in sufficient quantities.

Taking stock (and ownership) of how much infrared light you get can be an incredible step toward *much* improved thyroid health.

Sunlight is the best source, but a close second are heat lamps and traditional saunas.

Influence on thyroid: 9

Thyroid issues almost always link to gut problems.

It’s a popular idea to focus on improving thyroid function and then *letting that* improve gut function. 

This approach sees the thyroid as the cause of good or bad gut health.

But what if the thyroid is slowing down BECAUSE of gut health issues? 

Should we boost the thyroid if gut health is so poor that nutrients and energy cannot be adequately absorbed (to support an increase in metabolism)?

I say…. maybe not.

Influence on thyroid: 9

Not paying enough attention to your sleep quality will trash your thyroid.

A necessity for recovering your thyroid health: Going to bed early, falling asleep fast, staying asleep, and waking up early.

If you’re not making sleep (and your circadian rhythm) a top-shelf priority, there’s a chance you may SEVERELY limit your ability to recover.

One of the fastest ways to recover thyroid health?  Make your circadian rhythm a top-shelf priority. 

There’s plenty more you can do to stack the odds in your favor for sleep, besides just a great bedtime.

Influence on thyroid: 8

Thyroid health is often greatly affected by the local environment.

Mold, EMF, chemical exposure, and limiting/negative personalities can all add up and make you more likely to “go hypothyroid.”  

If you’re serious about a true, powerful recovery — take stock (become aware) of what you’re being exposed to and work to start reducing those levels. 

Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life.  Don’t be afraid to turn off the WIFI.  Don’t be afraid to move to a newer home with less water damage.

To some (a large) extent, we are products of our environment(s). 

Take a few months and get to know yours.

Influence on thyroid: 8

The #1 threat to your thyroid might be undereating.

The #2 threat might be going low carb. A stressed body needs more energy (and carbs) to combat the stress — and to relax. 

Another threat to your thyroid: Eating difficult-to-digest foods.

Make sure you aren’t sabotaging yourself with your diet as you try to heal your thyroid. There are a lot of people who are scared to “just eat” — and they are harming their thyroid in the process.

Influence on thyroid: 7

Nutrients are “wasted” in hypothyroidism. They’re also not absorbed in the first place.

Nutrient imbalance can also occur from hyper-supplementation.

This can be caused by taking “lots of biotin” for hair,  a simple multivitamin every day, eating lots of liver, or “avoiding Vitamin A” or daily supplementation of Vitamin D.  (And many, many more ways).

A big imbalance can be enough to hold you back for years. 

And fixing that imbalance can spring you forward into a totally new place.

Influence on thyroid: 7

Mold is a powerhouse for thyroid annihilation.

If you’re worried about your thyroid health — please take a long, serious look into just how much water damage your home or workplace has.

If you’re one of the many, this is something you could find dramatic relief from — if you’re willing to tackle it head-on. 

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