Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Explained

A powerhouse of immune, hormone, and metabolic energy.

D — A — E — K

The “fat-soluble” vitamins are a unique bunch — and there are only four of them.

Involved in every biological process, the Fat-Solubles affect energy levels, immunity, and hormonal functions like sleep and digestion.

In fact, these four vitamins provide vitality and energy that runs from your organs, to your skin and hair.

The fat-solubles are deficient in nearly all diets — and that presents a profound problem for most people as they age, but especially for those with chronic digestive or inflammatory conditions that impair nutrient absorption.

Food & the Fat-Soluble Vitamins

  • Vitamin D is scarce in foods — and is most healthy & effective when received via sunlight
  • An overburdened liver can struggle to convert carotenes in vegetables into Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E is nearly absent in most diets
  • Vitamin K is extremely scarce in most diets, but can be provided by beneficial gut flora, which are increasingly absent in the modern digestive tract

The story of the “fat solubles” is one of major deficiency for most modern humans — with normal food and virtually all daily multivitamins unable to correct the problem.

Therefore, supplementing these four vitamins separately is potentially a very good idea — yet, there’s a problem: These nutrients are easily stored in your fat (rather than excreted in urine).

This means it’s quite easy to overdose on these nutrients — and cause major health problems along the way.

So we’re left with a very important question: How do you get 1) enough of each fat-soluble vitamins without 2) the overdoing them?

D – A – E – K

(fat solubles)

1 — The 4 Fat Solubles
2 — A Low, Moderate Dose Schedule
3 — Any Schedule Can Work
4 — Good / Bad Effects
5 — Master Your Vitamin D / Vitamin A Ratio


The 4 Fat Solubles

Each of the 4 Fat-Solubles are involved in nearly every biological process…
from digestion & sleep to immunity & energy metabolism.

So are each of these vitamins important for your long-term health?

Being poorly represented in our modern food, it’s a good idea to understand how to supplement these four nutrients individually using high-quality products.

You may not need a Vitamin D supplement if you get lots of sunlight, or a Vitamin A supplement if you eat beef liver weekly.


Four Essential Products

High-quality products make it simple to get these nutrients.

Vitamin D

Jarrow Vitamin D3

Sunshine is a superior form of Vitamin D in summer weather.

Vitamin A

Whole Foods 365 Vitamin A

Beef liver is about the only food source of real Vitamin A.

This product is in many ways superior to liver, because it allows you to observe how this single nutrient affects you. With liver, many nutrients could be affecting how you feel.

Vitamin E

Jarrow Famil-E

Vitamin K

Thorne 3-K Complete

A Low, Moderate Dose Schedule

Effective, safer, balanced quantities of each vitamin.

Let’s dive deep.

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