The fat-soluble vitamins keep you vital, immune, sleeping, and hormonally balanced.

A powerhouse of immune, hormone, and metabolic energy.


The fat soluble vitamins are unique. And there are only four of them to learn.

The fat-solubles are deficient in nearly all diets! This makes supplementation essential.

It also presents a profound problem for most people as we age, but especially for those with chronic digestive or inflammatory conditions that impair nutrient absorption. These nutrients can become depleted quickly, often because they were deficient even before the health troubles started.

Trouble sleeping? Difficulty digesting? Fatigued? Not thinking clearly? Libido issues? Skin troubles?

If yes to any of these, there’s a good chance these four nutrients — the fat solubles — are involved in your challenges.

Food is Inadequte

  • Vitamin D is scarce in foods — and is most healthy & effective when received via sunlight.
  • Carotenes are available in vegetables, but must be converted into Vitamin A in the liver. An overburdened liver can struggle to convert carotenes in vegetables into Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E is nearly absent in most diets, and is only found in PUFA-rich nuts, a nutrient that depletes Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K is extremely scarce in most diets, but can be synthesized by beneficial gut flora. Unfortunately, good microbes are becoming increasingly absent in the modern digestive tract due to stress, environmental toxins, and antibiotic use.

Here’s another perhaps shocking fact: Virtually all daily multivitamins fail to provide doses sufficient to correct a deficiency. This partially protects people from overdose, but it also keeps people deficient.

The doses needed to resolve depletion are too high for general use.

Therefore, supplementing these four vitamins separately is potentially a very good idea for most people wishing to restore levels of these essential vitamins.

There’s two caveats, though: The fat-solubles must be balanced with each to avoid overdose — which is real, and very unpleasant.

In other words:

  • Depletion (of the fat-soluble vitamins) is a real risk for all humans.
  • Resolving those deficiencies likely requires an intentional plan.
  • Imbalance between the fat solubles can cause relative imbalance and overdose.
  • Overdose of fat solubles is very unpleasant.

So we’re left with a very important question: How do you get 1) enough of each fat-soluble vitamin without 2) overdoing them?

As a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I’ve got nearly 15 years experience with these nutrients, and worked with thousands of people in helping them safely and cautiously find balance with these nutrients.

Let’s explore solutions, today!

Table of Contents

The (4) Fat-Solubles

How Long Does It Take To Learn These Four?

It’s not so difficult to learn these — there are only four of them. In just a few months, you can have a solid, experiential understanding of how each one affects you — good or bad.

Does it have to take months? Not necessarily! But I encourage you to not the rush the process of learning individual nutrients — ever.

Great harm can be wrought by taking any nutrient too long, or in too great of amounts. This risk is especially true for the fat-solubles. Why? Because they are soluble in fat. Which means they become stored in our fat tissue.

What’s the worst that can happen from overdose? You could have toxic levels of a nutrient stored in your fat cells, and every time you burn a little fat (exercise, going a few hours between meals), you release more of that nutrient. I’ve seen this hundreds of times, and it happened to me, too.

The antidote? Understanding the importance of balance, and taking your time as you learn.

The Fat-Solubles

Vitamin D

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Four Essential Products

High-quality products you can trust.

Vitamin D

Jarrow Vitamin D3

Sunshine is a superior form of Vitamin D in summer weather.

Vitamin A

Whole Foods 365 Vitamin A

Beef liver is about the only food source of real Vitamin A.

This product is in many ways superior to liver, because it allows you to observe how this single nutrient affects you. With liver, many nutrients could be affecting how you feel.

Vitamin E

Jarrow Famil-E

Vitamin K

Thorne 3-K Complete

Or: Life Extension Super K


A Maintenance Dose Schedule

Let’s dive deep.

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