What are the Pillars of Health?

The Pillars of Health are a foundation for longevity.

The Pillars of Health represents action steps you can control.

The Pillars of Health are essential steps toward improved health outcomes.

The Pillars are how I changed my life.

The Pillars taught me how to think — about my health and how to structure each day.

Less distracted by social media chaos, more focused on the root causes & solutions of poor health.

The topics in the Pillars of Health impact all of us — every day — whether we’re aware or not.

As a collection of balanced wisdom, the Pillars cut through bad health advice and fads.

The Pillars help you avoid — and recover from — health mistakes.

I often say

75% of a health recovery is unlearning the bad ideas we picked up from online friends, gurus, & practitioners.

The Pillars of Health help keep us from getting lost in the weeds.

The Pillars of Health are backed by science.

And most of all, the Pillars of Health show us a path forward.

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