There are 9 Pillars of Health.

8 individual pillars
+ the Big Picture.

These foundational topics are vital for optimal health.

Nutritional balance

can give you:
  • energy
  • sleep
  • calm

Your gut microbiome

is influenced by your buildings, your sleep, your food, and your supplements.

Your thyroid

controls how energized you feel — but also responds to many variables.

Your circadian rhythm

optimizes your:
  • immunity
  • metabolism
  • gut health
  • mood

Your light environment

synergizes your circadian rhythm, energy levels, hormones, and even collagen production.

Your diet

doesn’t have to be a struggle, or perfect.

Maybe you’re dealing with sick building syndrome — which disguises itself as hypothyroidism, digestive issues, mood instability, and sleep problems.

Whatever you’re dealing with, the Pillars of Health are here, at — to support you, to lift you up, and guide you to better outcomes.

The Pillars are a collection of the best ideas — across all healing modalities.
Only the most consistently helpful ideas make the cut.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Travis Burch.

I’m a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and, now, a licensed and insured General Contractor, focused on building safe, healthy homes for real people to live in.

After battling severe health challenges for about a decade (in my 20s & early 30s), I realized my deepest problems were arising from sick buildings, my circadian rhythm, my gut health, my diet, and other essential topics.

I saw that I could improve my health — consistently and reliably — when I understood how to guide and nurture myself, using these pillars of health.

Ultimately, I created this website to help people like you discover their own way — free from harsh rules and strict compliance to regiments. You don’t need precise steps, you need to know the topics to focus on.

Now, nearing 40, and after seeing how many of my clients were severely affected by sick buildings (like I was), I took advantage of some incredible opportunities for mentorship and training, and became a General Contractor to build healthy, safe homes for real people to live in.

You can figure out the best steps forward without fear, but instead, with hope and confidence for the future.

In fact, sick buildings could be one of the biggest factors in most people’s journey — when struggling with ongoing, chronic illness.

Healing, recovering, improving — creating momentum — are as much an act of creation as receiving of the healing spirit. A mindset of resistance — even whe justified — to the things holding us back, can keep us trapped, struggling, desperately searching for specific answers that won’t come until we can think more clearly.

Therefore, we have the Big Picture, helping us put all the pieces together.

At the end of every single page — in each Pillar — you’ll receive some personal thoughts from my own journey, and a word of encouragement.

I believe that every person has the spirit of wellness, of healing, and of problem-solving inside of them. We are all creators, and we’re here to grow, love, and overcome.

Enjoy the Pillars!


The Pillars of Health are backed by science.

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