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Some people are naturally calm people.
Others are naturally high-amplitude!

But whatever your natural state, it is possible to lose a bodily sense of calm due to life and health challenges.

When the body is stressed, everything about it changes!

What changes? Metabolism shifts from carb-burning to fat-burning. Stress hormones rise. Cortisol dominates.

Everything in the body says:

“Let’s put important processes on hold, while we supply energy to fight an immediate threat.”

Digestion slows down. Immunity slows down. Detox slows down.

Get the picture?

Even creativity and learning are blunted. Dopamine drops. Positive feelings are scant. Sleep is elusive.

Heart beats rise. Thoughts dance about, too quickly, and out of control — out of focus.

And so many factors can cause this stressed state — if they are allowed to persist chronically!

Causes of the Chronic Stress Response

PTSD can cause it. Insomnia can. Evnironmental illness can. Gut dysbiosis can. Latent infections, viruses like EBV (& others), or bacteria like h. pylori/c. diff (& others), and even parasites from travelling, swimming in unsafe open waters, and undercooked food. Nutritional imbalance and deficiency contributes — and is often made worse by the inflammation that these conditions lead to.

Finding our root cause(s) of health challenges is often a tricky, confusing game — possibly involving unconvinced, unhelpful professionals and over-confident online practitioners or friends.

With some chronic illnesses, there’s a clear diagnosis — and hopefully, a treatment.

With many others, there’s not.

But as we tackle the root causes of our stressed body and mind, what if there’s so much we can learn, do, and let go of?

  • Can ten minutes of meditation be more effective than a benzodiazepine?
  • Can an earlier bedtime be more effective than a coffee addiction?
  • Can learning better communication skills be more effective than repressing our emotions?
  • Can spending time outdoors, or sitting in sauna, or a magnesium pill be just as effective (and safer, long-term) as taking antihistamines for sleep?

We’ll cover several tricks and techniques for calming the mind and body — but more than that, we’ll discuss the thinking behind it. How you think about this topic will determine your progress more than what you do.

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The Stressed-Out Body & Mind


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