Strengthen the Body

Recovery, Relaxation, & Sleep Require Energy

The long-hidden secret of health: silver bullets aren’t worth very much.

We don’t want to rely on just one thing, or even one approach. Instead, we find that many things working together — in synergy — produces the most sustainable results.

The body can’t really heal without strength. What is strength? Not necessarily muscular strength. No, by making it energetically stronger, we give it the best chance to heal, grow, and recovery.

Your energetic metabolism — how your body turns food into energy is a major component of your body’s energy.

In this article, we’ll explore three areas that can strengthen and energize the body.

Light & Electrical Energy

The body’s energy levels can be dramatically improved by receiving free electrons from various sources — as well as daily therapeutic light.
What does this offer? When the body is struggling to extract energy (electrons) from food, we can quite directly support the body’s energy and reduce inflammation via electrons and photons. This can provide an energetic stimulus, boost immunity and rev up the metabolic engine.
I personally don’t know where I’d be without these important methods — methods like: Revitive, light therapy, grounding, TENS units, and more.

The Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is the primary regulator of all vital functions, and without a strong sleep cycle, health recovery will always be extremely limited.
When following healthy circadian principles, the body’s strength can steadily climb — even in difficult situations. No matter your other issues, sleeping even marginally better each night will make every step you take so much easier, and more successful.
The struggle eases — dramatically — when the circadian rhythm begins to align. And if even 10% improvement helps — why stop there?
You can recover deep, restorative sleep no matter your challenges.


Nutrients are required for every biological function: from improving immunity and restoring gut health, to turning food into energy and sleep.
Unfortunately, two realities are true in most chronic illnesses:
  • Nutrients do not reach cells properly
  • Nutrients are used too-rapidly fighting infection and toxicity
Poor gut health is the primary player in these two problems.
Addressing nutrient deficiently wisely can make a huge difference in both 1) the speed of your improvement and 2) how you feel along the way.
Those are the three areas we’ll cover in this section! Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

The High Energy State

Light & Electrical Energy

Powerful daily habits.

  • Heat is light.
  • Light is energy.
  • Water is an incredible chromophore (absorber of light energy) and heat-sink.
  • Light’s photons drive the photoelectric effect.
  • Electrons are electricity.
  • The body gets its energy from food by taking its electrons.
  • Grounding provides electrons.
The energy available to you via light, water, and electromagnetism is remarkable.

Let’s look at four methodologies for increasing your bodily energy — separate and apart from caloric intake.

InfraRED Light

Infrared and red light.
Energizing, restorative, essential.

Infrared Is Restorative, Yet Entirely Missing In Modern Life

Infrared light is invisible — and makes up about half of sunlight.  

Infrared is mostly felt as heat, because heat is infrared light.

Red light, on the other hand, is visible and makes up about 15% of sunlight.

65% of pure sunlight is comprised of restorative red and infrared.

The body needs large amounts of red & infrared frequencies to regulate thyroid function, digestion, immunity, circadian rhythm, enzyme activity, circadian rhythm, hormone production, and more.

The modern world we live in is extremely deficient in red and infrared light.

For comparison, Edison-style incandescents produced 90% infrared, modern light bulb technologies omit infraRED light to improve energy efficiency.

Modern people are chronically indoors, receiving very little of these restorative frequencies from sunlight.

Throughout history, humans received large amounts of infrared and red all day and night — from both sunlight and fire.

Supplementing infraRED light is a critical step for recovery from every chronic illness.

Because our environments do not provide these spectrums of light, we must provide them ourselves.

Fortunately, supplementing infrared and red light is easy — if you know how to do it.

Best Sources Of Infrared & Red LIGHT

1) Sunlight

Over 50% of sunlight is invisible infrared light.

In the morning, the ratio is even higher (because blue and UV light are reduced by particles in the atmosphere).

2) Infrared Heat Lamps

When sunlight isn’t available, for any reason, heat lamps have been my personal go-to source of light for many, many years.

Heat lamps are about $3-8/ea at local stores or Amazon.

3) The Sauna

Traditional saunas are the gold standard.

Modern “Far-Infrared” saunas are inferior, because most do not emit the best, most healing frequencies of infrared.

4) LED Red Light Products

You don’t need fancy & expensive LEDs to provide infrared & red light.  

Only buy these expensive items if the money spent is of no issue. The narrow wavelengths privided by LEDs are not optimal — and LEDs tend to flicker, which could be disruptive to cellular/brain metabolism.

Sweating is Deeply Healing

(Infrared is Heat)

The body sweats when it becomes warm.

When the body is hot, this warmth is infrared light — you could see this heat radiating away from the body with an infrared camera.

Heat (infrared light) is therapeutic whether from a sauna, the sun, or even from exercise.

When heat (infrared light) is coursing through the veins, good things happen: metabolically, nutritionally, for sleep, and for immunity.

  • Metabolically
  • Nutritionally
  • For sleep
  • For immunity
  • Slight benefits for detoxification

Sweating itself has all sorts of benefits to health, too.

Get warm enough to sweat daily — especially when trying to significantly improve your health.

  • Be sure to replace minerals (particularly sodium and potassium) after sweating.

Every single day, the body needs exogenous (environmental) heat — even a healthy body benefits from daily heat.

Infrared & the Metabolism

Infrared light’s impact on the body is similar to thyroid hormones, boosting metabolism and energy levels.

In fact, thyroid specialist Ray Peat Ph.D. has mentioned needing to take 75% less thyroid hormone in summer due to the presence of more environment infrared light (heat).

Make it a goal to receive nourishing infrared light on your body each day.

Read more in the Light section:
(click to open)

UV Light

Powerful for digestion, immunity, mood, & sleep.

UV light is extremely healthy in low to moderate doses.

Struggling with immune problems? UV light boosts immunity (via mechanisms beyond Vitamin D, even), sterilizes pathogens on the skin, and — to some extent — helps sterilize the bloodstream.

Related image
Sunlight has many benefits, separate and apart from Vitamin D.

The only natural source of healthy Vitamin D is UV light. There isn’t very much vitamin D in food and supplements are a vastly inferior method of raising bio-available Vitamin D.

What’s more, there are loads of benefits to UV light that go far beyond Vitamin D.

For example, UV light spurs hormone production and the digestive process, while balancing brain chemicals.  UV even helps the circadian rhythm.

In fact, UV light in winter directly improves the gut microbiome — separate and apart from the effect of Vitamin D.

Via the photoelectric effect, it’s also plausible that UV light frequencies help the body build up electrical (negative) charge — an essential component of an energized body.

Vitamin D

Your Vitamin D levels are critical to every aspect of health — and they are made by the UVB portion of the ultraviolet spectrum.

If your Vitamin D levels are low, you are sacrificing your health unnecessarily.

It’s good to know the UV Index when you’re outside. Fortunately smart phone Weather apps have this information.

  • Look at the UV Index in your weather app
  • Above 5 UV Index creates Vitamin D quite well
  • Below 5 UV Index, does not create Vitamin D

Get as much sunlight as you can!  The only rule: Don’t burn.

  • Vitamin D ultimately must be balanced by other nutrients.
  • OTHER NUTRIENTS: You may want to take vitamin A, and magnesium sometimes to help balance rising Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin C 200-1000mg/daily is also good idea when getting lots of UV.
The Best Home UV Product?

The Sperti is the best UV product available, though it’s far from a perfect product.

The Fiji is better than Sperti’s original model because it contains a better balance of UVA to UVB — though it’s still much less UVA than the natural sunshine provides (and I consider that a problem).

The Sperti Fiji home UV lamp has a 3:1 UVA-UVB ratio, and is a top recommendation among home UV lamps, but it lacks UVA frequencies.

Even still, the Fiji lamp does not provide much UVA. Because of this, it can cause Vitamin D levels to rise (possibly) too high — UVA rays tend to counteract Vitamin D synthesis to somem extent. If you’re serious about using a Sperti lamp, it might be a good idea to supplement it with a UVA source (a true black light).

Read more.

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The Outdoors

The optimal environment to improve the microbiome, circadian rhythm, metabolism, digestion, & mood? Outside.

Nature is a respite from the plague of sick buildings.  

Fresh air, natural light, grounding, and negative ions in the air cleanse and energize the mind and body — facilitating better sleep later that night, better digestion during the day, and lower inflammation.

Related image

An hour per day in natural spaces can do wonders for healing.  Two to four hours/day outdoors is even better.


Grounding — your skin touching the Earth — provides a very weak supply of free electrons to the body.

The term refers to “receiving electrons” from the earth due to contact with the earth’s constant (very weak) electrical current.  Anytime skin touches the ground, concrete, or grass, a very small amount of electrons jump from the earth to your body.  These electrons are essentially free energy — and the Earth can even be used to make a very weak battery (called an Earth Battery).

This actually can be valuable for your health — but because the Earth’s electrical supply is so weak, hours need to be spent each day touching the Earth for a noticeable beneficial effect.

Related image

Typically, grounding is performed outside, with feet or skin touching the ground.

If “grounding” sounds strange, check this out.  

  • Oxidative metabolism is how we extract energy from food.  
  • Oxidation means “taking an electron.”

Yes, we use electrons — electricity — from our food for energy.

The body does not discriminate as to the source of its electrons, whether from food or the Earth.

But here’s a really important point: Grounding on land is not the best way to receive electrons.

Remember, the more skin that touches the “ground,” the better.

  • Rocks and dirt are *sort of* conductive.  
  • Grass is a little better.
  • Water is by far the best source of Earth’s electrons
Related image

The best way to ground?  In water.

Getting your entire body in a natural body of water means you’re maximizing the electrical supply to your body. All of your skin is available to receive electrons.  

In my experience, 20-30 minutes in a pool is the equivalent of hours spent standing on grass, barefoot.

Some people say grounding in a concrete pool is better than a vinyl pool. Natural bodies of water are certainly the best. The ocean is absolutely ideal. (Try it — you’ll notice how good you feel!).

Keep in mind, walking in the grass has plenty of non-grounding benefits too: Fresh air, sunlight, relaxing natural environment, and stimulating the bottoms of the feet.


In natural bodies of water, be cautious about the quality of the water, especially around cities and industry, where pollutants and pathogens are present in high amounts. Much better to find pristine, natural bodies of water, wherever possible.

This widespread problem of water pollution is jeopardizing our health. Unsafe water kills more people each year than war and all other forms of violence combined.

With Grounding, Take a “Both-And” Approach

A “both–and” mindset is always essential to recover lost health — it keeps us from idealizing silver bullet solutions, which narrow our options and restrict our growth.

In other words, looking for “that one fix” is almost never the right approach.

So when it comes to grounding, ground as much as you can — on both land and especially in water. The best benefits, though, will come from grounding in ways that provide more contact with the Earth — with the body submerged in water.

Update: There’s now an exciting article discussing grounding and free electrons. Read more in The Body Is Electric (below).

The device covered in the above (free) article is called Revitive, and it’s a pretty incredible method to receive free electrons, in much more intense amounts than the Earth typically provides via grounding. I recommend this article, I put a lot of thought into it!


Purchase Revitive on Amazon (link) or on (link).

Negative Ions in Fresh Air

It’s also worth mentioning that outdoor, fresh air is loaded with negative ions. This is the exact same electrical energy (free electrons) we find when we touch the Earth.

Negative ions originate as wind blows over plant leaves and open water.

The wind picks up the negative charge from grounded plants and water, just like the body does when in contact with the Earth. Lightning also leaves negative charge in the air — you’ll notice how fresh air can feel and smell after a thunderstorm.

For the sake of negative ions, it is good to spend as much time as possible outside, in healthy spaces — and to open windows when inside (unless in a polluted area).

Negative ionizers devices can be purchased and placed indoors. They have a few caveats, though. Ionizers are:

  • Usually a little pricey
  • Unable to make a sick building healthy (although they can help some)
  • Able to increase metabolism, causing temporary effects such as: dehydration, a need for more minerals (especially sodium/potassium), interference with sleep until you adjust (because they are energizing). These become more likely when the body is more sick.

One negative ion generator that I’ve enjoyed is the IonBox, which produces 20 million negative ions per second (a moderate amount).

In my experience, it will cover a space about ten feet (3 meters) in front of it.

Additionally, the Wein negative ion generator has had consistently solid reviews for many, many years (though I haven’t tried it yet).

To be clear, while I greatly recommend grounding and ionizing technology — and consider them able to dramatically upgrade your baseline healing prowess — we must understand two things:

  • Ionizing and free electron devices cannot replace other therapies, they only improve other therapies
  • Ionizing and free electrons devices can supply massive quantities of free electrons, meaning they can affect intense change in the body’s metabolism and immunity. While this is a good thing, it can be intense at first.

Upgrade the environment you’re healing in! Spend time outside, in pools, in nature, with your feet on a Revitive device, and in front of an ion generator.

Read The Body is Electric article for much more in-depth discussion of why free electrons are so influential for health.

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