Calming, Energizing & Restorative

Believe it or not, human biology requires these essential wavelengths — red and infrared — to function properly and optimally.

Modern life lacks these frequencies! But can you intentionally supplement them for optimal health?

All visible light colors — blue, green, yellow, orange, red — have healing properties.  
But red & infrared are the most healing — and the most absent — from modern life.

This page will explore methods of receiving red & infrared light, for the purpose of improving your health.

Infrared & red light can:

  • Sync the circadian rhythm
  • Improve digestion
  • Balance brain chemistry
  • Restore hormone balance
  • Heal wounds
  • Improve eyesight
  • Relieve pain
  • Boost the thyroid & metabolism
  • Calm the nervous system
A strong foundation, a secret ingredient, a true boost — toward both recovery from disease, and to sustained health.

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4 Sources of InfraRED

Heat Lamps
Heat Lamps
Red LEDs
Red LEDs

Quick Recap:

Sunlight Spectrum

What exactly are red and infrared?
Sunlight is extremely rich in red and infrared light.
At solar noon, sunlight is roughly 68% red & infrared.

In the morning, blue and UV are filtered out by the atmosphere — leaving rich red and infrared light to reach the earth.

Morning Sunlight is Mostly Infrared

Sunlight is always at least 50% infrared — in all seasons, all climates, all latitudes.

Infrared has 3 Spectrums

  • IR-A — Also known as “near-infrared” or NIR
  • IR-B — Also known as “middle-infrared” or MIR
  • IR-C — Also known as “far-infrared” or FIR

Later, this info will help you decide which type sauna you prefer, which light bulbs you’ll choose.

The two most healing spectrums of light are: 1) red — and its close neighbor — 2) near-infrared.  

It’s no coincidence that research indicates these two frequencies are the most restorative; their wavelengths are right next to each other. 

What About Far-Infrared?

Far-infrared (FIR) is unique. It’s a very long wavelength. Actually pretty close to the microwave spectrum of light. As we’ll see, FIR is less restorative for health — and may not be as safe by itself.

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