A New Challenge

A Deeply Disruptive Force In The Modern World

Unbalanced light spectrums are an entirely new problem for human biology — and our bodies are struggling to cope.

Unbalanced blue light is capable of harming your:
  • sleep
  • hormones
  • brain chemistry
  • skin
  • digestion
  • eyes

Unfortunately, this problem is only getting worse each year.

Even yet, in this new age of bright LEDs, it is possible to protect your health — and your family members — from blue light.

Here’s how.


Throughout history, the sun was the only source of blue light in the entire solar system.  

After sundown, blue light was gone until sunrise.

Our brains still use this natural light cycle to perpetually train our circadian rhythm.

Blue Light Is


Modern screens & lights are blue-rich.

Fluorescents, LEDs, Screens

Modern light bulbs were invented to save on energy costs and to help the environment.

Unfortunately, any energy savings are achieved by removing healthy infraRED from the bulbs — and increasing blue output.

Fluorescent Bulb Spectral Output

LEDs are often even worse about this than fluorescents.

Even bulbs labeled “warm” create highly unbalanced light — with very little infrared.

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Infrared and Red Light
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