UV Light Supercharges Your Health

UV light is a pariah in modern life.
But could it provide a cornucopia of health benefits?

UV light is likely necessary for optimal human health and wellness.

Ultraviolet frequencies seem to uniquely spur digestion, hormone production, sync the circadian rhythm, and boost immunity.

UV also improves the gut microbiome separate and apart from the impact of Vitamin D. In fact, Vitamin D supplements do not reproduce this effect.



1 — The 3 Sources
2 — Sunlight
3 — When To Sun
4 — The UV Index
5 — Morning Rise, Afternoon Fall
6 — Check The Current UV Index
7 — 4 Factors Affect UV Strength
8 — Your UV Tolerance
9 — Tanning Beds
10 — Home UV Lamps
11 — Discussion

The 3 Sources

of UV Light

Let’s dive deep.

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