Minerals, Explained

Minerals, The Lifeblood Of Health

Most with chronic illness have been deeply deficient in minerals for many years — due to heavy detoxification demands, infection, gut dysbiosis, or poor dietary absorption.

A critical component of restoring health is replacing minerals — slowly, steadily, and without creating new imbalances in the process.

Chronic illness and aging is heavily associated with dehydration of the body.

Tissues do not hold as much water as they used to — which means they cannot function as well.

Getting rehydrated means introducing the minerals your body needs — all of them. Sometimes this requires high amounts of certain minerals.

It’s also important to understand that there is a heirarchy of minerals — not all are equally important.

Let’s explore how simple it can be to re-hydrate your body the right way.

D – A – E – K

(fat solubles)

1 — The Chart
2 — Minerals Are Your Lifeblood
3 — 1st Four
4 — Sodium-Potassium
5 — Calcium-Magnesium
6 — 2nd Four
7 — Zinc-Copper
8 — Iodine-Selenium

The Minerals Chart

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The primary minerals are listed in order of importance — and grouped with their partners by color.

1st FOUR

The most important minerals. Supplement daily.

2nd FOUR

Daily supplementation not recommended — unless deficient.


Only small supplementation needed — unless deficient.


Minerals Are Your Lifeblood

Liver Detoxification
Liver Detoxification

Both Phase I & II of liver dotoxification require adequate minerals.


Calcium must be balanced with other minerals (like magnesium and zinc) for optimal strength.

Energy metabolism
Energy metabolism

Proper metabolism requires adequate mineral intake.

Hormone production
Hormone production

Hormones are the powerhouse of our biology. Minerals make them go.

gut health
gut health

Minerals fight infection and maintain fluid balance in the gut, allowing for proper bowel movements and gastric emptying.


1st Four

The most important minerals. Needed daily — often in large amounts.

Let’s dive deep.

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