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REVIEWS: Colostrum Supplements

A potent force for positive change in the gut.

Colostrum is, potentially, the optimal foundation of any gut health protocol.

All mammal mothers produce colostrum in the days after giving birth. This “first milk” is designed to kick start an infant’s development of their gut microbiome.

Derived from the milk produced after the arrival of a baby calf, colostrum is one of the most gentle, yet impactful, supplements available.

It works to affect the gut from multiple angles at once — without risk of causing harm. Colostrum boosts immunity, fights pathogens, feeds beneficial flora, and regulates the speed of motility in the gut — all at the same time.

The nutrients and biologically-active compounds in colostrum include:

Colostrum is safe for nearly all people, with the only exception being those with sensitivity to dairy, although I’ve known many lactose-intolerant folks who can tolerate colostrum. Some with very bad gut infections may need to work up doses, starting with a single pill with meals.


Symbiotics Colostrum

I keep coming back to this one.

I never expected Symbiotics Colostrum to become such a staple of my regimen, but here we are, seven years later — and this is my stand-by.  I’ve tried other brands, yet I always return “home” to this one.

In my comparisons of other products, I’ve never noticed any stronger benefits than what Symbiotics boasts. In theory, the SurThrival brand is superior, but the benefits I noticed from SurThrival were so similar to the Symbiotics that I just saved the money and returned to Symbiotics.

Colostrum is already expensive, so unless you’re willing to pay top dollar for a super-premium product (SurThrival), Symbiotics is the clear winner.

Countless ailments have been reversed — quickly — by taking a “booster” dose of colostrum. GI regularity always improves with regular “maintenance” dosages. Bloating has always been improved when I take colostrum.

When I was at my worst, colostrum allowed me to consistently improve my gut health, every single day.


  • Effective
  • Consistent
  • More affordable


  • Some may prefer “full-fat” or “cold-processed” colostrum

RATING: 9.5/10

This is my hands-down favorite product. There are other good options on the market, but for long-term use, I haven’t found one better than this.


Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD

Liposomal manufacturing has taken the supplement world (and even the medical field, for enhanced delivery of pharmaceutical drugs) by storm in the last few years and — after weathering much turbulence from skeptics — have fairly burst through the doubt by sheer force of results. 

This, however, does NOT mean that all liposomal products are equal, or that they are all good.

When done right, liposomes generally improve the absorption of compounds into the bloodstream (through the gut barrier) and into cells.  Does “liposomal” improve results — or even matter, at all — with colostrum?

My experiments tell me: Not that much.

The big positive I observed with this brand of colostrum is the fact that it mixes SO well in water. It has a slight vanilla taste and fragrance, so noticeable that I wondered if I received a mislabeled package (the package said “unflavored” but that slightly sweet, vanilla aroma and flavor was hard to miss).


  • Better stability through stomach — potentially arrives at intestines more intact
  • CLAIM: Better stability can result in lower dosages to achieve the desired effect
  • Mixes extremely well in water


  • Liposomal may not be clearly superior.

RATING: 8.5/10

I feel like the liposomal element of the colostrum isn’t necessary, if normal colostrum is taken on an empty stomach. There may even be some benefit to the stomach lining to be exposed to potent colostrum powder.

However, I still like Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum LD, and it has provided good results for me and my clients. My fiance prefers this brand to all others due to its powdered, easily mixable delivery.


SurThrival Colostrum

A super high-end product.

The cadillac of colostrum products, SurThrival’s offering is among the highest quality available.

SurThrival boasts several unique characteristics in their product:  low-temperature (raw) processing, “true 6-hour” harvesting (post-birth) for higher nutrient content, and organic, grass-fed sourcing.


  • No corners cut in the production process: organic, grass-fed, fresh, & raw
  • Full fat (the jury is out on whether this is superior)
  • Higher nutrient/active compound density


  • Very expensive
  • Powder does not mix well, although it is available in pill form

RATING: 9.3/10

I really do like SurThrival Colostrum. They also have large sizes and EXTREMELY large sizes — to help you save money on this expensive product. Is the quality worth the money? If I had lots of extra cash, I’d say yes. Otherwise, save your money and go with Symbiotics, it’s very, very high quality, as well.

Let’s put all the pieces together — and improve.

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