How to Think About Fats

The debate about fat is only beginning.

For decades, studies have produced wildly varying results — and, in kind, experts have recommended equally varying advice regarding fat.

Academia — and the internet — are both inundated with vehemently-opposed ideas regarding dietary fat. In one approach, some types of fats are superfoods, while others are poison. In another sphere, this is reversed.

Given the chasm between schools of thought, is there anything we can take away from decades of health research on dietary fat?

For starters, the fat in your diet can affect your:

  • metabolism
  • sleep
  • gut health
  • hormone production
  • liver
  • inflammation
  • joint health
  • libido
  • mood
  • and more…

As with most differences of opinion, what’s true is that each side has a point — and it’s our job to find the middle ground between extremes.

Are you tired of extreme, contradictory advice about dietary fat?

What do you need to know? Find out, here.

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