Environment: Is It Destiny?

Ignorance Of Unhealthy Locations Is Only Bliss To A Point.

In this day and age, our immediate environment is more complex than at any point in human history.

There have always been threats as humans interact with the world. But lately, those threats are growing in number and severity.

The Mold section -- Learn about mold illness and how your environment can affect your health, longevity, and recovery from illness.
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Two Types Of Your Location

There are a different set of risks in your immediate environment (within 50 feet) and your larger environment (up to 2 miles away).

I like to think of your immediate environment as your “Micro-Environment.” The larger area is your “Macro-Environment.”

Micro Environment

50 feet around you.

Macro Environment

200 feet -to- 2 miles away.


Your Micro-Environment

Where you are now, or later. Where you spend your time.

Your Immediate Environment

A 50-foot radius around you. That’s your immediate environment.

The health of your “micro-environment” almost always depends on the building you’re in now.

When you’re outside, the variables affecting your health are usually more than 50 feet away (so they’re “macro” environment factors).

Your micro-environment includes all the factors that make your current building — and specifically your current room — an area that promotes your health or detracts from your health.

Three Variables

There are three main variables when determining the health of any building: indoor air quality, indoor lighting quality, and EMF exposure.


Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Lighting Quality
Indoor EMF Exposure


Your location in a room or building.

Are you in a “sick” buildings & rooms?


Are you in a healthy building & room?

We could analyze this woman’s micro-environment and determine how healthy it is — using the three variables: Light, Air, & EMF quality.


Healthy Buildings & Rooms

  • Clean indoor air
  • Healthy indoor lighting
  • Low/Zero EMF exposure

“Sick” Buildings & Rooms

  • Unhealthy indoor air
  • Unhealthy indoor lighting
  • Moderate/High EMF exposure

Building Health Is 99% Of Your Micro-Environment.


Your Macro-Environment

up to several miles away.

A Larger Footprint

The macro-environment expands to include dangers up to a couple of miles away.

Potential risks might include a cell tower, 300 feet up the street, or the factory a mile away. Other variables: weather (the number of sunny days per year or average humidity), living downwind of city centers, and traffic congestion in your area.

Four Variables

There are four main variables when determining the health of your area: outdoor air quality, outdoor EMF exposure, sunlight quality, and living stress.


Outdoor Air Quality
Outdoor EMF Exposure
Sunlight Quality
Living Stress


Geographic location of  your home or work.


Zip Code.


This completes the Introduction.
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The Mold section -- Learn about mold illness and how your environment can affect your health, longevity, and recovery from illness.
(coming soon)
(coming soon)

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