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Basic Immune Checklist

Pathogens assault us daily. Your immune system strives to kill them upon entry.

Though mortality rates will take time to understand, COVID-19 appears to an especially infectious virus. As such, the immune system needs all the support it can get during this crisis.

In this uncertain time, strategies to shore up biological weaknesses are incredibly valuable for our immunity to function optimally.

Everything mentioned in this article has been shown to be effective for boosting immunity against viruses and even past coronaviruses in published studies.

COVID-19 is a unique pathogen that can cause a dangerous, exaggerated immune response. As such, many traditional immune remedies that “boost” immunity are considered risky once the illness has progressed.

Once severe lung damage occurs, efforts should be made to suppress inflammation and to manage the symptoms.

We can strengthen the immune system from the ground up — via avenues foundational to general health — through nutrients and lifestyle.



A great multivitamin has whole-food based, high-quality ingredients at biologically-appropriate, balanced doses — not megadoses, which are problematic.

Naturelo’s formulation is well-balanced, absorbable, w/adequate zinc content — it’s a true rarity among multivitamins.



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Women’s includes iron.
Women’s (50+) is iron-free.

How To Use Multivitamins

Take a quality multivitamin daily, with or without meals, before 2 pm.

Various micronutrients are essential for immunocompetence, particularly vitamins A, C, D, E, B2, B6, and B12, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Poor nutritional status predisposes to certain infections. Immune function may be improved by restoring deficient micronutrients to recommended levels, thereby increasing resistance to infection and supporting faster recovery when infected.

Vitamin D

A hormone produced when the body receives UVB light, Vitamin D is perhaps the most important immune nutrient.

This is a moderate-to-high dose of Vitamin D3 (the biologically-active form) with a small amount of cofactor Vitamin K2, needed to allow Vitamin D work in the body.

It’s an excellent idea to take absorbable magnesium to support Vitamin D. Magnesium is not readily found in modern food, so it’s a good idea to supplement it daily, anyway.

How To Use Vitamin D

LOADING PHASE — Take Vitamin D daily for one week, then settle into maintenance dose of 1-2x/week. Take anytime of day, with a meal.

**Sunlight is a superior form of Vitamin D, but is only available around midday in summer climates. If you’ve supplemented extra Vitamin D in the past 12 months, be careful when supplementing more.

Vitamin A

The sister hormone to Vitamin D, Vitamin A must be balanced in the body by, roughly, a 1:1 ratio with D.

This is the premier form of Vitamin A (preformed, fat-soluble). Does not require the liver to convert from carotenes.

How To Use Vitamin A

LOADING PHASE — Take Vitamin A every 2nd day while sick, then settle into maintenance dose of 1-2x/week. Take with a meal, before 2pm.

**If you’ve supplemented extra Vitamin A in the past 12 months, be careful when supplementing more.

Both D & A are profoundly antimicrobial.

Vitamin C

Along with Vitamin D, Vitamin C is a most critical immune nutrient, because it supports the system’s energy as a whole.

Vitamin C is currently being used in New York on COVID-19 patients.

Solaray 1:1 Ratio Vit C
Solaray, Vitamin C Bioflavonoids, 1:1 Ratio, 250 VegCaps

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My favorite Vit C supplement anywhere.

Solaray Liposomal Vitamin C
Solaray, Liposomal Vitamin C, 400 mg, 100 VegCaps

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Fat-soluble Vitamin C, an incredible product.

How To Use Vitamin C

Take Vitamin C daily, at any time, with or without a meal. Higher doses should be used with caution, up to 1000-2000mg/day.


Several past studies have suggested that echinacea is effective at reducing the viability of coronaviruses.

Solaray Echinacea


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How To Use Echinacea

Take echinacea anytime, as directed. If extremely ill, discontinue.


Heat is incredibly therapeutic for nearly every health condition — especially the immune system.

Why? Because pathogens are severely weakened in high heat. Look no further than what your own body does when sick: It raises the temperature in your tissues, a fever.

Venture Soft Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Ultra-Soft Far Infrared Heating Pad

Exposure to warmth is critical when fighting off illness and preventing it. The heat will also help you feel better in the process.

How To Use Heat

Apply heating pad for 20 minutes on chest, then 20 minutes on the back. Optional: Sit on pad for several hours.

Did you know? Heat is infrared light.

Read more about the stunning health effects of light.


If you’re sick, get outside.

UV light is naturally germicidal — especially against viruses. UV frequencies can penetrate into the skin, and can even inactivate viruses that have worked their way into skin tissues.

Blue light, as well, is “highly antimicrobial.”

Sunlight is over 50% infrared, which is immune-boosting and germicidal to pathogens.

Additionally, sunlight is a premier tool to sync the circadian rhythm and ensure excellent sleep, night after night — as well as boost digestion and metabolism.

UV radiation kills viruses by chemically modifying their genetic material, DNA and RNA.
Morning light is the healthiest light you can get — even without any UV.

In fact, sunlight is so incredibly healthy, why wait until you’re sick to go outside?

How To Use Sunlight

Be outdoors every day to boost immunity naturally — by raising Vitamin D levels, receiving healthy infrared, blue, and UV light, improving digestion, calming the nervous system, and syncing the circadian rhythm.

The immune system activates at night — and it functions best if we are sleeping deeply.

What the research is finding is that when you sleep is more important than how many hours you sleep. This reflects the essentiality of the circadian rhythm rather than the quantity of hours in bed.

How To Restore Sleep

Fix the circadian rhythm to fix sleep — and directly improve digestion, mental acuity, performance and immunity — by following the steps laid out in the Sleep section of this site.

Achieve incredible sleep, here:

It is well-established that nutritional inadequacy greatly impairs the functioning of the immune system.



Kids need low doses of high-quality nutrients, too.

Not all children’s multivitamins meet the standards of quality and balanced dosages.

(Alive! brand might taste a little better)

Vitamin D

Give this to children for one week to build immunity — or during illness — then reduce dosage to 2-3x/week.


Give to children for one week to build immunity or fight off infection. Then take one week off before starting again.


This immune-boosting regimen is built on:

  • A quality multivitamin
  • Vitamins D & A supplements
  • Vitamin C

Optional components are: zinc and copper.

Echinacea is a proven immune-booster, effective against coronaviruses in years past.

Heat is a well-studied component of health, longevity, and immunity.

Last, use full-spectrum sunlight and a deeply entrained circadian rhythm to help optimize your immune health.

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