Find Your Foods

Figure out which foods currently digest best.

One person can know which foods digest best for you, right now — you. In cases of chronic illness, food intolerance is often high.

What About Tests?

There are some upstart, obscure laboratory tests that claim to tell you what you can and cannot eat.

However, many of these tests are very new, take months to complete, are filled with inaccuracies and false results, and require loads of work and commitment to participate in. They can also be quite expensive.

Furthermore, all test results are only a snapshot in time. Food sensitivities are reversed frequently — especially when gut health is addressed from a holistic standpoint. No test should represent a final say about your digestion.

Do It Yourself

It doesn’t have to be very hard to determine which foods work best right now.

It’s this simple: eliminate a few food groups for a while (one at a time) and monitor your symptoms.

With a few simple suggestions, you may find that no practitioner, doctor, or test can determine your “right now diet” better than you can.



1 — Your Current Diet
2 — Carbs
3 — Protein
4 — Fats
5 — Fiber
6 — More Thoughts
7 — Summary

Food Doesn’t Truly Fix Gut Problems

Above all, remember: Food is important, but it likely won’t fix gut dysbiosis alone. The first step — to remove irritating foods — is temporary.

Restrictive diets often lead to ever-increasing dietary restriction as gut health worsens further.

The GOAL: To improve gut health, so that you can digest more foods, well — not fewer foods, worse.

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