Find Your Foods

Which foods digest best — right now?

Only one person can figure out the foods that you’ll digest best — you.

When struggling with our gut microbiome, food intolerances are often high.

Simple solutions abound online: Fad diets, expensive lab tests.

The diets only “work” because they remove entire groups of food. Perhaps they’ll remove the food that bothers your gut — maybe.

These restrictive diets usually result in increasing, more & more, restriction over the years. Which suggests these diets are not, in fact, improving the gut microbiome — they’re just slowing the descent.

Can you remove the most offensive foods from your diet — on your own? I think so.

You can find what seems to work (best) for you now, and then improve your gut health so you can tolerate more foods down the road.

Yes, you can expand your menu — including the foods you love to eat — by improving and healing your gut microbiome.

The first step is to find whatever foods make you feel best in this moment, today, now.

What About Tests?

There are several upstart, more obscure — and unreliable — laboratory tests that will claim to show what you can and cannot eat.

However, many of these tests are very new, sometimes take weeks/months to complete, can be filled with inaccuracies and false results, and sometimes require loads of work and commitment to participate in. They can also be quite expensive.

Furthermore, any test result is only a snapshot of a single point in time.

Keep in mind that food intolerances and allergies are frequently reversed — especially when gut health is addressed from a holistic standpoint. No test should represent a final say about your digestion.

Do This Yourself

It doesn’t need to be difficult to determine which foods work best right now.

If your digestive issues are only mild, it could be this simple:

  • First, identify foods you already know give you trouble, and eliminate them. Observe your symptoms. If they greatly improve, great! You’re all set.
  • If you want more progress, next, identify your “not sure” or “sometimes-a-problem” foods. These are foods you suspect might be a problem. Eat only one of them at a time, and observe after meals. You can often identify a few more foods that are problematic in this second step.

All in all, most people can eliminate a few food groups for a while (one at a time) and monitor symptoms.

With a few simple suggestions, you may find that no practitioner, doctor, or test can determine your “right now diet” better than you can.

Once you’ve cleaned up the diet this way, you can turn your focus to a powerful, safe, and informed gut supplement regimen — and start healing your gut microbiome.

OUR GOAL: To improve gut your microbiome, so that you can digest more foods again — not fewer & fewer foods.

Your Progress — 8%

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