No Gut Supplement is a Cure-All

When multiple are combined — they can make a major difference.

I don’t know where I’d be without several gut supplements.

Why Take Gut Supplements?

To restore poor gut health, food alone was never sufficient — nor for most of the thousands of people I’ve spoken to over the years.

For many, neither is hormone therapy, or improving the metabolic rate sufficient to restore gut health.

So often, something powerful needs to enter the gut and actually change the microbiome for the better.

Gut Health Is Never Static

The gut microbiome is always changing, throughout life.

It’s always reacting to food, stress, and pathogens bombarding it. Most events in life work to harm the gut microbiome, rather than improve it.

Therefore, we need a long-term strategy to recover ever-waning gut health and then protect it — to ward off what’s otherwise inevitable: continually-worsening gut health as we age.

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The Gut Should Be Hostile To Microbes


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