Organize Your Supplement Schedule

Gut regimens must be wise to be effective.

A haphazard, disorganized approach is inferior to strategically taking gut supplements throughout the day.

Some supplements need to be taken apart. Some are best taken together.

Big mistakes can destroy your momentum, distract you, and even cause a setback. Get the best results for your time, effort, and money spent on supplements.

The progress you deserve will come from two concepts:

1) consistent, wise use of the best supplements,

2) avoiding the wrong products.

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The Three Types
of Gut Supplement




Tend to Kill All or Some Microbes.
  • Herbs (extracts & oils
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Monolaurin
  • Fulvic Acid



Tend to Kill the Bad & Feed the Good Microbes.
  • Colostrum
  • *Bee Products*
  • Turkey Tail
  • (Fulvic Acid)



Selectively Feed or Introduce Good Microbes.
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics

*Fulvic Acid* is a moderate-strength antimicrobial,
and only a very, very weak repopulator.


Each Day Has

7 Time Slots

…To Take Gut Supplements

There is no perfect supplement timing.

You can take almost any gut supplement at any time — provided that supplement doesn’t cause you to feel poorly, or disrupt sleep.

Let’s first look at seven convenient times to take supplements.

Wake Up/Before Bed

  • Wake Up (A.M.)
  • Before Bed (P.M.)

With Meals

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Between Meals

  • Mid-Morning
  • Mid-Afternoon

Here’s another way to look at it.

I’ve grouped together similar times. For instance:

  • upon waking, and before bed (1 & 7)
  • with meals (2, 4, & 6)
  • between those meals (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) (3 & 5).



Must you take a supplement in each time slot? Absolutely not!

But if you need to make much progress, you’ll almost certainly want to.

As I’ve been saying for some time now: “True gut transformation requires around-the-clock attention.” Taking gut supplements throughout the day — around-the-clock — is the best method I’ve seen that allows people to take hold of their gut health sustainably.

What does around-the-clock mean, exactly?

It means taking supplements with meals — each time you eat.

It means taking supplements between meals — mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

And it means taking supplements before bed and when you wake up.

Isn’t it important to idenfity the best supplements to take? Yes! Identifying the best supplements for you critical! We want to only take supplements that help. Many don’t, or worse: many can cause harm.

But as we identify new helpful supplements, we have this structure, this rhythm — taking them throughout the day — never allowing pathogens the chance to be comfortable, to grow, and to become stronger.

As we weaken pathogens — always pushing them down — we are strengthening new beneficial microbes (along with our body’s innate health, immunity, and energy).

Let’s dive deep.

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