Optimize Your Space.

Protect Your Sleep.

Your room — by itself — can sabotage or invite great sleep.

Up to 48% of American adults struggle from insomnia (1)– and those numbers are only rising.

If you’ve ever struggled to sleep — or wake up feeling rested — consider the force of your bedroom. Is it making it harder for your body to sleep deeply?

Even for someone who has never had sleep problems, the quality of one’s sleep environment can be the difference between a faster metabolism, more energy, better digestion, and, most likely, longevity.

Now, in sick building syndrome, a room may be “sick” enough that it cannot be saved — and yet it’s still worthwhile to optimize a flawed room until another is available.

You spend, easily, 1/3 of your life in your bedroom; it’s a major player in your health, no matter who you are.

Make sure that time is of the absolute highest quality you can make it — snuff out major problems with your bedroom.

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1 — Temperature
2 — Dark
3 — EMF
4 — Air Quality

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How to Optimize Your Bedroom for Sleep

Temperature | Darkness | EMF | Air Quality


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