Optimize Your Space, Protect Your Sleep

Your room — by itself — can sabotage or facilitate sleep.

If you’ve ever had any persistent trouble sleeping, optimizing — or identifying major issues with — your bedroom could be a pivotal moment in your health journey.

Even if you’ve never had sleep problems, the quality of your sleep environment can be the difference between a faster metabolism, more energy, better digestion, and, most likely, longevity.

In sick building syndrome, a room may be beyond saving — and yet it’s still worthwhile to optimize a flawed room until another is available.

You spend, easily, 1/3 of your life in your bedroom; it’s a major player in your health.

Make sure that time is of the absolute highest quality, within reason — and that huge mistakes aren’t being made.

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1 — Temperature
2 — Dark
3 — EMF
4 — Air Quality

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How to Optimize Your Bedroom for Sleep

Temperature — Darkness — EMF — Air Quality


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