Not All Diets Support Sleep

…and everyone is different.

Your Needs May Change Over Time

The foods your gut needs will change — by the day, season, and year.

The foods you tolerate or require will likely also vary as your health worsens or improves.

These could be big statements. So, what do they mean?

First, there is no perfect diet.

Second, because there is no perfect diet, simplify things — settle on the diet that’s going to work best for you now. Find or create one that reduces your symptoms the most, and one that will allow you to sleep.

In fact, if sleep is a challenge for you, the diet that best promotes sleep is the best diet for you.

After your sleep improves and your body is no longer deprived of rest, then you can modify your diet as you see fit.

So if your sleep is struggling, first look to the diet and see if you’re causing more problems than you’re solving.

What do you need to know about food — for sleep?

Find Your Diet

Does your diet encourage or interfere with deep sleep?


Restrictive Diets

Can Harm Sleep

Who isn’t on a restrictive diet these days?

A majority of people on restrictive diets are doing so they have real health issues:  Poor gut health, weight gain, fatigue, poor blood test results.

We’re all trying to achieve better results, and we search for better ways of doing things — including the diet.

Some choose restrictive diets for altruistic reasons — to inflict less harm to animals or the environment.  Others are avoiding foods because they want to be (or look) healthier.

All of these motives for restricting the diet are commendable.  

But are they each helpful?  Unfortunately, often they’re not.

Why?  Because restrictive diets are always — shockingly — imbalanced.  It’s tempting to think that extreme results require an extreme approach. Ultimately, the body needs balance to function optimally. 

An extreme, over-simplified approach may induce a change in the system for a time. For instance:

  • Weight can be lost on a zero-carb diet (or a vegan diet).
  • Muscle can be gained on a bodybuilder diet.
  • Energy levels can rise on a pro-metabolic diet.
  • A raw diet may lower inflammation.

Each of these diets push the body in a certain direction, possibly achieving desired results. But if that change is temporary, or worse, causes long-term imbalance to the system — was that really progress at all?

Worst of all: What if the restrictive diet leaves you overwhelmed and confused how to get out of it?

Restrictive Diets Don’t Address The Root Cause

It’s possible that many of the people who feel noticeably better on a low-carb/paleo/carnivore/vegan diet are simply masking gut health problems by avoiding troublesome foods. 

Many restrictive diets that do provide initial relief go on to fail spectacularly over the course months or even years by causing a thyroid crash, nutrient deficiencies, impaired sleep, or brain fog.

Fixing gut health can alleviate many of food intolerances and sensitivities — though it takes time to truly heal the gut whereas a restrictive diet can yield distinct improvements in mere days.

In other words, the long-term root-cause solution (fixing the gut) may not yield results as quickly as the band-aid approach (a restrictive diet).

As a result, diets generally can be pyrite (fool’s gold), as each dietary change causes benefits that don’t last.

And finally, when pursued long enough, restrictive diets can cause the imbalances that lead to persistent, deep insomnia.


Restrictive Diets Cause

Nutrient Deficiencies

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