Not All Diets Support Sleep

…and everyone is different.

Your Needs May Change Over Time

The foods your gut needs will change — by the day, season, and year.

The foods you tolerate or require will likely also vary as your health worsens or improves.

These could be big statements. So, what do they mean?

First, there is no perfect diet.

Second, because there is no perfect diet, simplify things — settle on the diet that’s going to work best for you now. Find or create one that reduces your symptoms the most, and one that will allow you to sleep.

In fact, if sleep is a challenge for you, the diet that best promotes sleep is the best diet for you.

After your sleep improves and your body is no longer deprived of rest, then you can modify your diet as you see fit.

So if your sleep is struggling, first look to the diet and see if you’re causing more problems than you’re solving.

What do you need to know about food — for sleep?

Find Your Diet

Does your diet encourage or interfere with deep sleep?

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