Food for FUEL

Your diet can boost — or slow — the thyroid.

Food is overhyped in its pure ability to restore your health and your thyroid.

This is for certain — evidenced by the endless tens of thousands bouncing from health forum to health forum trying different diets, with only marginal results.

If diet alone was a silver bullet, people would be healing everywhere we look. The word would be out by now.

With millions searching, someone would have discovered the correct diet, that word would spread, and millions would soon be reaping the fruit of their perfect diet. The longer we stay in the online health world, the more we realize this is not happening — not at all.

Instead of focusing on a strict diet with magical claims for healing, we can do better.

We can learn how to eat a 1) balanced diet that 2) meets your basic caloric and digestive needs, and 3) that makes sense to you and 4) minimizes discomfort as you heal your thyroid.

For most with thyroid issues, it’s important to focus on:

  • simple, digestible carbs — in proper balance with protein
  • the right kind of fiber in moderation
  • foods that noticeably help your body temperature stay warmer
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