The Circadian Rhythm Begins Here

Every morning, synchronize your circadian rhythm.

By seeing powerful, warm light.

Sunlight is perfect for syncing your circadian rhythm in the morning. It’s powerful, and with the perfect frequencies: red, orange, and infrared.

Sunlight is fantastic, but is it necessary? Yes! It’s essential for optimal health, wellness, and recovery from illness!

What about when it’s cloudy — or in deep winter? You can use a few special light bulbs for morning light.

The first step to fixing sleep is morning light every day — even if only for a minute.

Seeking morning light is one of the most restorative habits available to both prevent and reverse disease and find longevity.

  • Broad-spectrum benefits. Morning light’s benefits run deep, spreading into every aspect of your daily life.
  • Essential beginning. Bright morning light is an essential component of a day well-lived.
  • It doesn’t take much. Even one minute of bright morning light can begin syncing your circadian rhythm.

Consider this: If one minute can begin syncing your circadian rhythm, consider this: how much more powerful will 10-20 minutes of morning light be?

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