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First Steps

Building a Foundation with Coaching Clients

A balanced foundation will help you establish steady progress.

As we begin working together, consider starting with these steps. They’re organized and arranged for synergy.

A house is only as strong as its foundation. Make sure yours is holistic, creates no imbalance, and gives you confidence to move forward.

First steps:

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Go to bed / Wake up early
  3. Magnesium pill
  4. Potassium powder -or- Sodium
  5. Three gut supplements
  6. Macro ratio (1:1 to 3:1)
  7. Gentle daily movement

If you have difficulty attaining any steps, that’s okay. Pay attention to your bodily feedback, trust it.

Rmeember, these are not rules, they’re concepts. Learn and grow by experimenting with them — never follow rules blindly!



Most multivitamins aren’t high quality, and most can cause imbalances with your nutrients — due to high dosages.

The best multivitamin I’ve seen — one that works to balance your body remarkably well — is the Naturelo One-A-Day.

Feel free to go with another great multivitamin.


Go to Bed, Wake Up


A poor circadian rhythm sabotages every single bodily function.


Magnesium Pill

Magnesium is a potent mineral that calms, energizes, and detoxifies.

It’s also not present in modern food.

One pill per day is enough for most people. More than that runs the risk of depleting other nutrients, like Vitamin D and calcium.

See other magnesium options in the Nutrients section & in Magnesium Reviews.


Potassium Pill

Or, sodium

Most people need much more potassium in their diets than they get.

Some people, however, especially when dealing with hypothyroidism, need lots of sodium.

If you need lots of sodium, you may need to limit your potassium (because it can deplete sodium, as well as Vitamin D). Also be aware that potassium can also lower blood sugar, as it behaves like insulin in the blood.

I recommend beginning with capsules, and switching to powder once comfortable taking potassium.


Three Gut Supplements

Pick any three gut supplements.

Start with one, slowly. If results are good, add the second. Continue with the third.

The best ones for you depend on your gut health. If you’re sensitive, start with gentle ones like colostrum, turkey tail, or the Triple Bee blend.

If you don’t tolerate probiotics, you might need antimicrobials to begin with. Start slowly with these.

Read more in the Gut section.


Macro Ratio

To avoid major dietary, digestive, hormonal, metabolic, and sleep problems, find a proper carb-to-protein ratio that works for your body and your gut.

This ratio simply tells you how much carbs you eat compared to protein.


Gentle Movement

This doesn’t need to be complicated! Just move a little each day.

A short walk can be enough.

Sitting still all day is destructive to your health. The gut will never heal, and sleep will be worse every day you don’t move. Even if the body is depleted and needs lots of rest, sedentarism will only harm it. Gentle movement is healing to every body.

If you like more intense exercise, have at it — but be wary that excessive exercise means stress on the body, which will work against healing.

Can You Do It?

Of course you can!

Remember, these are simple guidelines — to help you if you feel stuck, or aren’t sure where to go next.

Keep in mind — you can always reach out to me! Ask me what I think sounds good, what I might do, or what works for other people.

Ultimately, I care about your success, your results. And the best results come when you are excited and interested in your next steps. So choose something that sounds appealing, and that feels doable.

These guidelines are logical, balanced, and won’t cause imbalances for most people, the way so many health tactics can. They’re meant to help you avoid major traps and stumbling blocks, so you can step into progress and healing.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and say: “I’m not sure where to go next.”

And remember, don’t forget to book your next consultation! Our calls are essential for finding clarity in this program. You will always get out of Coaching what you put into it.


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