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The Beginning Blueprint

First steps for any journey to recovery.

Strict diets and endless supplements may not be the answer — and are known to cause more problems than they solve.

The good news? There’s a way to restore vitality by creating an ideal environment for your body to heal and recover.

We don’t need to trick the body into healing, we need to support it — with the things it needs most.


Begin With Light

Proper, therapeutic light improves every facet of health — especially the circadian rhythm, digestion, inflammation, and hormonal balance.

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Infrared is super critical for thyroid health (metabolism), as well as boosting energy levels and hormone production.

Make this first step: Get daily supplemental infrared light (15-30 minutes).

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Artificial blue light during the day is harmful to the skin, eyes, hormones, and brain chemistry.

However, blue light at night (from any source) is infinitely more harmful — and, therefore, important to monitor and reduce.

Even small amounts of blue light at night harm your melatonin levels throughout the night, wrecking your gut health, immunity, metabolism, and… everything.


Next, Your Circadian Rhythm

If the circadian rhythm isn’t working, healing can’t happen.

For the body to recover, sleep needs to improve over time, until deep, restorative — and reliable — rest is achieved.

Anyone can sleep, and sleep well — even you.

Depending on how far off the rails your sleep has become, it may take a lot of work and problem-solving to get back. ontrack.

Here are essential first steps to restore recuperative sleep.

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Along with reducing bright light at night, bright morning light is among the most critical variables for optimal circadian health.

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Proper meal timing sends strong signals to your brain about the time of day. Eat early meals (especially breakfast and lunch) to cement your circadian rhythm.

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Bright daylight reinforces the circadian rhythm.

Bright light by day and darkness at night represents the foundation of circadian bliss.

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Food & Gut Health

Which makes more sense for you to focus on?


Then, Notice Your Environment

It’s difficult to get well in the same physical environment we got sick in.

What needs to change about your environment so you can recover?

Environmental toxins are becoming much too prevalent in the modern world.

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Begin noticing your environment — and whether it improves your health or detracts from it.

Living in a clean space is impactful to your health, especially in the “built” indoor world because it lets you breathe fresher air, notice moisture issues faster, and enjoy deeper peace of mind.

Even the act of cleaning has a meditative, grounding quality to the soul — which is deeply restorative of itself.

Not much time for cleaning?

A simple trick — that pays off dividends in every area of your life — is to own few(er) possessions.


Last, Calm The Mind

Some things we can change — others we cannot.

Many circumstances can be improved but will take time to see results, and sweet relief.

A calm, clear mind will serve us in the direction our path takes us.

Unfortunately, a frazzled, frantic nervous system is a staple characteristic of chronic illness.

Some of this may be the result of our own thoughts and mental habits — but most of it isn’t.

In fact, there are physiological reasons why the brain can’t seem to calm down. Reasons such as:

  • High glutamate — (from poor gut health)
  • Low GABA — (from poor gut health or benzodiazepine use)
  • Nutrient deficiency or imbalance — (from years of dieting or over-supplementation)
  • A weak circadian rhythm
  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • Environmental toxicity

You don’t have to be perfect. Circumstances don’t have to be perfect.

Give yourself permission to be calm — even for one breath — and then support a calmer nervous system by improving your gut health, environment, circadian rhythm, and relationships.

A Path For Your Journey.


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